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I'm attempting to hunt down Delphi translations (and perhaps examples) of the Citrix Virtual Channel SDKs (client and server), since it might save us a boatload of time. I believe JEDI might have had something at one stage on this page:

(Terminal Services part, close to the bottom)

However the .zip file appears to have disappeared, and Wayback does not seem to have archived it.

Any clues as to where I might be able to find these rare beasts?

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I'm using the JEDI .NET support to call methods on a class from a .NET assembly, using the method outlined in the part after "Update", here:

Except that I'm receiving the error:

EOleException with message 'Method 'MTData.Transport.Tracking.TrackingAPI.SendDriverMessage' not found'

Using ILSpy I can see that the method is public, and I am able to call other methods on the same class. I note that the method has a "default" parameter, and I'm wondering whether that's causing the problem. ILSpy shows the method as:

public DriverMessage SendDriverMessage(int fleetId, int vehicleId, string message, string messageRef, bool replyRequired, string name, string location, string phoneNumber, double latitude, double longitude, DateTime? expiryDate = default(DateTime?))

Any clues as to how to resolve this? Note that the supplier of the assembly is unwilling to modify their assemblies to strongly name them, or to make any of them COM visible

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I want to implement a fairly basic build process, and I know I could do it with batch files calling MSBuild, however I want to make it fairly dynamic, and more importantly, I want to be able to capture the results when MSBuild runs.

I've had a shot at running MSBuild using CreateProcess, however it apparently runs horrendously slow compared to doing it from the command line.

I'm wondering whether it is worth using TJclClrHost from JCL to host the .NET runtime to, and/or to import the MSBuild .NET assembly (I haven't done anything like that in ages), or whether there's some other way of capturing the results of MSBuild?

Before anyone makes the suggestions, I've already considered tools like FinalBuilder, Jenkins etc. This is something I'd like to explore for myself.

Was there no "stop" button in Delphi 7? It's been a loooong time since I've used it, but a friend of mine is using it where he works. Is/was there any experts for Delphi that added one?

Is there a variable that can be used in the Output Directory option that includes the project name? For instance:


Using $(ProjectName) does not appear to work...

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