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Busy day at the White House today meeting with #makers from all over. Photo of everyone on the Navy Steps and a photo of the West Wing of the White House.
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Very nice!

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Test 3D print of a knob for VFO, etc

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Awesome work guys!   #cyberiamakes  props for the Endless Dungeon at Indy PopCon 2015!   #madeinindiana   #makerspaces  

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I made a laser cut lamp from 1/8" hardboard tonight. Been working on the design off and on over the weekend. It's based on a "Lari" lamp design. I've found hardboard likes to break at any 90 degree angle. I still need to incorporate more curves as it keeps breaking at the few remaining 90 degree angles.
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I went to +RadioShack again today. Twice... I thought I would continue the "what's wrong with Radio Shack" after that. The 8311 E Washington store in Indy seems to have new employees that look nerdy like they might have a clue. Heh, no, its a ruse.

RS Employee 1: "May i help you"
Me: "I am looking for a pin extractor"
RS1: "Whats that do?"
Me: "It extracts pins" and I point at a molex plug when he looks at me sideways.
RS1: "Oh we probably don't carry those" and he walks away.

I turn around and there is a large empty prong on the wall he was facing marked "pin extractor 274-0223" There are none hanging up. I check online and they show in stock at that store and at every store. I give up and walk to the cashier.

RS2: "Did you find what you were looking for?"
Me: "No. I did not."
RS2: "What can I help you find?"
Me: "I was looking for a pin extractor. It shows you have it in stock online. He (pointing to RS1) says you don't carry them."
RS2: "Oh we probably don't carry them then." and rings up the rest of my stuff.

I then went to the next nearest Radio Shack (10202 E Washington) and purchased a pin extractor without wasting my time when the employee asked if I needed help.  
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