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Feeling fairly uninspired so thought I'd paste an old sketch. I could never keep up with a sketchbook so, a long time ago, I bought a couple blocks of newsprint. I found I was much more productive working larger and getting messy with pastels. It was a lot of fun and I must of generated hundreds of sketches. I don't have pictures of most (a lot weren't worth it) but this is one of my favorites.
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hey David I am a huge fan of your work how come I don't have more?
haThanks. I dunno, proximity? I'd give you this one but it's almost definitely rolled up in a tube somewhere and probably not salvageable. Joining G+ was part of phase one, so since that kinda tired me out, look for my on line store front in say I dunno, 3 to 5 years. Thanks, glad you found me. I'll send you a circle to help get you started. Almost thought you were spam. :)
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