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Posting this on Google Plus is going to get me crucified by the Google overlords, but here goes...,2817,2403713,00.asp
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You get agreement on these thoughts though I am a Google Fanboy.
I partly agree. But I think that offering a paid option that "won't sell you data" seems like a pretty good way to alienate a majority of your [free] userbase, for the remedial satisfaction of a few.

Also find it silly that people complain about free 5GB, which is more than double Dropbox's initial signup offering. How spoiled are we?
Oh more person that lacks understanding of IT strategy and application development. You can't put "everything" into a 1.0 release. It's a 1.0...the first one man. You have to "see" what user's actually do and really need. Just because other services talk about a bunch of features, do they really use them? Many!

Offline...I'm personally tired of hearing people complain of something being available offline and they live in a western country. We live in a super connected world in the West. Even airplanes have Internet access. If you disconnect your Internet connection, guess what you go NUTS trying to get it back online (if your at home) and if you are at work, you drive the IT Department bonkers with questions about "when is the Internet going to be back online" so give me a break. It's not 1995. If you were disconnected from the Internet for an entire day you would freak out. Overall strategy is key and breaking the Kung Fu grip of Microsoft Office on consumers and Enterprises will be no easy fight. These are some of the first steps. You can't fight an Ultimate Fighter directly if you don't have the same strengths, but with strategy, patience and enough determination, you will win in the end.
+Shea Bennett I agree with what you're trying to say, but I think that certain issues -- like the general confusion between one's ability to edit Google Docs and Drive-stored documents -- is something that Google could have really put a little extra time into. The simple fact that I can't automatically convert files to Docs from my desktop's Google Drive folder (or even get a shell extension to do so) is pretty frustrating.

And that's just one feature. Launching a cloud product with crappy support for non-Android devices is... uh. A bit odd. Especially when you're late to the party and trying to compete against an established base. Every bit helps, no?
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