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It is, thank you so much !
Wishes for a Happy New Week to you, David :-)
Amazing!! Now I want to visit Ireland more then before!
I don't know what is going on with you but your work is beyond outstanding lately (not that it wasn't amazing before just more so with latest posts) Do I even make sense? ufff that's what happens when I talk too much .. :)
Thanks +Janie Kennedy it is a great country for a holiday - we may not have great weather but we have some great places to see and the people on the whole are a very friendly bunch :))
Wow that is very kind +Raya Ozruso-Cottrell been working very hard on it so really appreciate the positive feedback. You always make sense :))
Fantastic work David! Wonderful details in the stones, great lines and very nice processing my friend! :)
Id love to visit!!! I really can't wait to!!!
Thank you +Andreas Levi so glad you like it my friend - hope your day is going well for you and wish you a great week ahead - may the weather be good :))
A catch of all times! Love the style, the perfect B&W, the fabulous angle to shoot... thnx.
Thank you my friend:)) Yes, the day is going indeed fantastic. I don't like Mondays (who does it) but this day is at the moment really good. And the weather is also not so bad ;)
I hope your's also going well and wish you a succesful week :))
Thanks +Andreas Levi bank holiday here so am relaxing and trying to catch up on all the wonderful stuff on G+ :))
This sounds really good my friend! So enjoy the day :))
love it! :-)  (brings back a lot of memories!)
Well, if it is as awesome as ur catch shows, i will surely give it a try! ;D
Very dramatic detail in the stone work.  Love it.
I love the textured look, it looks like monochrome HDR
Beautiful lines, and the textures too create a lovely mood, sense of time.
Beautiful shot, love the lines and b&w tones! Thanks for sharing with Monochrome Monday!
Very nice details and perspective!
The processing is perfect, the lines are excellent, the castle is amazing and you are +David Murphy great photographer from Dublin... 
Wow that is a seriously wonderful and kind comment +Leyla A. Roberson thank you so very much - so glad you like the image :))
Oh my David!!! I envy you so much that you have the opportunity to even see this place! That you bring it to us in such splendor... just WOW!! To me ... us, our page, these gorgeous lines in such rich and perfect monochrome. (sigh) Thank you, David, for this and for agreeing to be a part of "my baby" #leadinglinesmonday ! This image alone would make it all worthwhile. : )
Aw thanks fellow curator - so glad you like it. Seen the shot and thought of you guys. Thanks +Elle Rogers :))
Woot!! That makes me happy!! : )
Thank you +Syuzanna Avetisyan was trying to combine the strength of the lines with a sense of the soft ghostlike time of its history :))
omg. you are so very talented. saying it in lower case coz I consider us to be g+ friends and am a bit awkward at being awe-struck by a pic made by a man who eats piglet whilst storing fluffy clouds in a hermetic jam jar. But I will repeat... gosh. You are great at this picture making stuff.
Thanks +Laura Harding very kind comments indeed - am blushing - oh and the piglet is safe, as are the clouds in the jam jars (look how dry the Olympics were/are) and a good morning to you :))
Made ya blush. Cool. Afternoon to you MrSir :)
mini-curtsey (got high heels on, might fall over if I do a maxi-one)...
Good. Very glad to hear that you're not engaging in dangerous doffing ;0)
Oh, don't remind me. I shudder at the memory of it, David. I'm amazed at quite how well you've recovered. Though we won't mention the staring.
I haven't heard this story...... Do share! (Please.)
The great hat doffing incident of 1856 +Pam Chalkley oh the horror of it..hats everywhere...unhatted exposed...the screaming....the children...nobody thought of the children....I still shudder and hold my hat tight in high winds unblinking with the memory of the terrible event!
Hahaha... do you have photo documentation?? If there's no photo evidence, it never happened. You know that, David! ROFL

You two.......
Totally true +Pam Chalkley  honest - remember like it was yesterday - the advantage of having an imaginary time machine I suppose :))
I was there +Pam Chalkley - it was veritable milinery mayhem. At least I think I was there but I could have seen it on youtube. Oh. I've confused myself. Must seek cake. Laters :)
Cakes...and ham and turkey sandwiches, bags of lettuce, hard-boiled eggs, heaps of tomato, and lashings of ginger beer +Laura Harding :D
HAHAHA!! Okay, eyewitness.. I believe you now! Just kidding, I believed you all along. WOW!! Hats and food? Epicurean, millinery mayhem! ROFL
I'm in the cake shop now about to order lashings. Waddayawant?
Comin' up! Question for ya... As a vegetable based foodstuff, does Carrot Cake count as one of your 5 a day? And why doesn't it taste like carrot?
I've heard that chocolate counts as a vegetable....
I don't eat chocolate, so I've never bothered fully researching it. LOL
You are totes right Pam. Cocoa bean. Beans are legumes. Legume is the french word for vegetable. Simples.

Cool... That'll be a double wedge then, David. D'you need more ginger beer or do you already have lashings?
As the Marquis de Sade once said 'another lashing wouldn't go amiss' ;)
Well I like the palindrome at the end!! LOL
And with my doctor visit yesterday... my A1C (3-month glucose), I can have SUGAR again!! YIPPEE! I'm back to normal! I will be making tiramisu soon! :D
See... scientific proof if ever it were needed... just desserts!!! Congrats +Pam Chalkley - life will be sweeter now I hope :)

That Marquis is a bit of a rum geezer +David Murphy - are you sure you should be hanging around with him. Wasn't that what got you into that doffing trouble in the first place?
I believe you +David Murphy, truly I do. I've tried to convince the thousands who don't but they're a tough audience. The banana comments aren't helping much... just sayin'.
Not me making those comments - maybe I release certain pheromones - will have to test in my lab :))
Whatever you not send via the monkey..he is partial to éclairs +Laura Harding I've had issue with him before and an apple crumble !! 
Feck.  I'll just go see if I can retrieve the despatch note tho monkey tends to eat them too... calls it recycling for some reason. 
Definitely not me - I'm sweeping :)
Thanks - Will have a look at that later :))
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