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Sorry I haven't been around or that active recently but life has kidnapped me and the cat. Hopefully our ransom will be paid and that we will both be released very soon.

Wishing everyone a great week!

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Thank you for the chuckles +Tina Cantrell  :-)
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David Murphy

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5 million people live here but 70 million call it home!
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Thanks +Teofane Maria Lannini I did - hope all is well with you :-)
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Grave Memories

For the forgotten souls.

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So very kind +Teofane Maria Lannini wishing you a wonderful week ahead. :-)
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David Murphy

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Dear +Vic Gundotra,

Google+ is positioning itself firmly as the social network of choice for creators. Google Photos makes it not just easy, it makes it fun to share my work. Your last Google+ presentation was all about photography.

But there’s something else happening. More and more users on this network are nothing but resharers of copyrighted content. Not that this doesn’t happen on Tumblr, Pinterest, Facebook, or anywhere else, but Google+ is somewhat unique in a few ways.

Not the least of which is your reaction to and (dare I say it) tacit support of content theft.

Stolen images can only be reported as stolen by the person who took the original image. Somewhere deep inside me a snarky curmudgeon wonders if that’s a ploy to get more people to sign up for Google Plus. But this community, as you well know being the network for creators, relies on friendly mutual policing. I have been supported by other photographers and writers who got thieves that stole my content suspended from Tumblr and Facebook. I have in the past done the same for friends and colleagues. I can not do this on Google Plus.

Worse, there seems to be little to no reaction to theft. Some extremely highly followed users (~100,000 and more followers) routinely steal from photographers on the site and, despite being reported as routinely, still do so. The snarky curmudgeon wonders if you simply care more for huge-follower accounts than the low-follower creators whose content is being stolen.

Communities that just exist to share images that are “guaranteed to raise your following” run rampant. If there are no consequences for accounts who steal, no consequences for communities who encourage it, and huge advantages to be a highly plussed account on Google+, people will keep doing it.

Simple, small, changes could turn Google+ into a fostering and amazing environment for creators. It takes much less time than making a snowfall Auto Awesome. And it would encourage even more use.

On the photo upload modal make it extremely clear that only content owned or with the explicit consent of the creator can be uploaded. Not somewhere in the TOS on page six. Simple language, right there.
Close down violators.
Make it easier for creators to help police each others’ content. Respond harshly to abuse of this feature but react appropriately and swiftly to violations.
When the thieves lose their platform, the creators win it. When a photographer of amazing things can make it close or even with those thieves in attention because they no longer have to compete with thieves who invest little time, they’ll focus theirs onto the network.

Dear Community Owners and Members,

Communities are an amazing part of G+. Sadly some of the photography communities are soiled by becoming hosts to more stolen images than originals. As owners please join us, the creators, in pledging never, ever, to allow non-original images or images to which the sharer has an explicit permission, on your community. State this clearly. Be receptive to communication that indicates otherwise. Ban members who violate those terms.

As a member don’t join communities that do not enforce those rules. Do not share to them. Do not follow people who share stolen content or Plus it. Confront the sharers and encourage your communities to do the same.

What are the likely consequences if this doesn’t happen?

Sharing of images will go back to the bad old days where Flash players are used. As creators find less acknowledgement and support of their work than the thieves, they will create less freely and less often, which leads to less amazing content. 

Google+ will lose creators who move to networks that actively enforce (both communally and administratively) the rights of makers. At the end you’ll have communities full of the same reshared images, nothing new, nothing original, and lose the value that G+ has, namely access to great makers and thinkers.

But all things considered, the ball is in Google’s court. A few small changes to the way Google allows image uploads, a few changes to the way they allow reports and react to them, and the network’s potential will skyrocket.

This morning I paid Google $180 for a copy for Nik Software. I am doing this because it is the right thing to do, rewarding creators, instead of stealing the code from a torrent. I would hope that Google shows the same courtesy towards my creations.
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David Murphy

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It turns "disability" into power and inspiration.

A happy week for you, too +David Murphy .  :)
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David Murphy

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Brilliant and wonderful craziness of design!
A Japanese designer called Yuma Kano has developed a screw which has a drive in the shape of a smiley face, and an accompanying screwdriver that slots into it
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Thanks, and you too Dave! :)
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David Murphy

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Thanks +Shawn McClure the lower the key the better I look - total darkness is the optimum level lol ;-)
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Droplets & Light

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Same for you! :-))
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David Murphy

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            (¯`·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.- JOIN THE FUN & SHARE -.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.·´¯)
New share of my Promotion Circle!!. A few weeks ago I decided to BOOST THIS CIRCLE by adding those people more relevant to me according to Google's relevance indicator. This means I am promoting not only the people resharing this circle but also those who plus, comment and share my pictures. I am taking into account those friends who are there day by day, post by post, plussing, commenting, sharing and supporting my work, this is my way to say THANK YOU GUYS ;-)

Please remember that people publicly sharing the CIRCLE in their streams will still be added as usually.

So, would you like to be in the next one and be part of the FUN? Just follow these simple steps:
1.- Plus the post.
2.- Share the post publicly in your own stream. (Please, keep it at least for a couple of days)
3.- Please leave a comment so I am fully aware of your participation.
4.- Please follow me since I often remove unfollowers from all my circles


1.- The other way to be added to the GATHERING CIRCLE is showing up in Google's Relevance Algorithm regarding my stream .The more you plus, comment or share my pictures, the more you will be likely to show up in the TOP ENGAGERS/MOST RELEVANT Friends. That's all! ;-)

1.- I am promoting and sharing this circle in my stream so, please do the same from your side.
2.- Sharing in a Community will not get you in the circle.
3.- Sharing the circle in your Google Plus Page will include The Page in the circle, not your profile.
4.- The only way to get your profile in the circle is sharing it in the stream of your profile.

Thank you very much indeed for your friendship ;-)

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David Murphy

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Bicycles in Trinity College Dublin

Just a very quick cycle by shooting (like a drive by but slower) to wish everyone a great 2014. Sorry I have not been around much but life has me very much in its clutches at the moment ;)

#50mm   #photography   #dublin   #bwphotography   #bicycle   #tgifriday  
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Hahaha yes no cycling and drinking +Stefanie Neumann as that never ends well ;-)
Have a great week!!
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Amateur Photographer - trying to trap light in a box.
Amateur photographer from Dublin, Ireland. I have fallen in love with creating, viewing the world through a lens and trying to capture the light into a little box. 

I am passionate about シ
The Art of Life & People.

Please Do Not Use Any Of My Images For Publications Or Websites Without My Express Permission.  Thank you.

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