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I'm wondering if I'm weird or not. I am a committed Mac user, have been for some time. We have 5 Macs in the house right now. But, I have found that I prefer Android when it comes to phones. Are there others out there that have made the same choice? This shouldn't be a bash iOS thread, I'm just curious.
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Get yourself some rest, take some acetaminophen. If you still feel the same way in the morning, go get professional help.
There's nothing wrong with preferring Android. It's a good operating system, and if you primarily use Google services (Gmail, Drive, Calendar, etc.) it's definitely worth looking into. There are also plenty of apps that go cross-platform between Android, iOS, and OS X.

Me personally, I have a Nexus 7 as my 7" tablet and am saving for a 10" iPad as my productivity tablet. I also have a Galaxy Nexus as my phone, but I'm planning on dropping it and going with Talkatone/Google Voice.
I totally agree. Been a long-time Mac user, but when I started on a smartphone, just felt like things will be easier on an Android since I use Gmail, Google docs, Google maps (and later Google Voice) all the time. Looked into iOS also, but it feels like Apple really made iOS super-restrictive, unlike with Macs which strike a good balance between elegant UI and the power of Unix underneath...

It's an interesting place to be though, being a Mac user on an Android phone. :) Maybe we need to start an Android Mac users community!
not at all!  i have a macbook and a few other cool apple gadgets but i have an galaxy nexus. that's what i prefer at this time i guess...no question that Apples products are on a complete different level all together, but there are days when my phone surprises me, on the software side of course.    
+James Chao, you have expressed exactly how I feel comparing iOS to OSX. I don't find OSX to be overly restrictive, but I feel a little hobbled when I use iOS. I do have an iPad, and I like it, but notice things that I can do on my Galaxy Nexus that I can't on the iPad. They most often seem to be something Apple restricts that would otherwise be possible.

I'm glad that they both exist, as I think it benefits all of us to have the intense competition. I would hate to see either go away.
I just can't stand the Android user interface. It looks ugly to me. 
Yeah, definitely iOS is more polished (design is Apple's strength). But the Android UI made a huge leap forward since Ice Cream Sandwich, so definitely the design gap between the two are quickly closing. Plus, if you are using the Google apps or built-in apps (or even major third-party apps like Evernote), the design actually has been really good.
+David Moulton I am right there with you buddy. I have a mac laptop (11" air) and iPad mini (replacing my iPad 3) but I prefer my SGS3 to my wife's iPhone5. I really like both ios and android but I prefer android on my phone, it just fits the way I use it better.
+Joshua Jones I do like iMessage, and I use it on my Mac & iPad to communicate with my family sometimes. I also use MightyText pretty much every day. The fact that it doesn't run on iOS is actually one of the deal killers for me. Its not as polished on the Mac, but I couldn't do without it.
+David Moulton I actually use Google Voice as my main phone number/SMS number. That's been working the best for me because I can text on my phone or on my computer. Google Voice is deeply integrated on Android, which is really nice. It's also supported in iOS though not as smooth.
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