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So nice to get a bit of weather worth getting out into... back to one of my favourite spots from last year, Loch Rusky, to find that the boats have been returned to the water in anticipation of the new trout season...
(... no photoshop manipulation other than slight saturation and noise reduction...taken on Pentax K5 Sigma 17-70 lens at 70mm F16, 1.3 seconds at ISO100 , Lee circular poloriser, tripod and wellies!)
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It's always a treat to see one of your images pop up. This is fantastic! Thanks for sharing it.
bots returned to water? This one looks like it is a twin flying boat :)
Love that reflection. great work!
What a beutiful picture! So peaceful and quiet.
holy &^&! that is an awesome image...lovely reflection and wonderful details!
Meravigliosa foto, complimenti David, bella immagine
Perfect composition and colors - well done!
nice reflections!
страотно,който има възможност да отиде.Наистина е красиво
Indeed it is, So beautiful like many things of Gods work.
Utterly spectacular. I'm a huge fan of reflection shots. Beautiful work!
Thank you for sharing a most beautiful picture
Absolutely beautiful work of art, David. God's (or Nature's or whatever, depending on your personal belief system, or lack thereof), and yours, for capturing it so wonderfully.
Just a simple boat but yet so amazing and so surreal!
it's like floating in the sky
Was this photoshopped at all? It's weird that even where the boat touches the water there are no ripples at all.
so nice... so impressive ..well done!
Still waters run deep.:-) If there's no wind and the boat has sat for long enough. You will be lucky enough to capture the picture as is. There is no doubt the pic's been touched up a bit. Who doesn't? But the ripples would be pointless brushing out. Look at the work that would be required to show the reflection of the boat and the clouds. Just my observation. Lock Rusky is a very small Loch comparatively speaking and hardly has any movement in the water, which makes it ideal for trout fishing for the only break in the water tells you where the fish are.
Nic pic btw I usually go to Loch Lochy which is a much bigger and the only the water's still is dawn.
A boat in the sky...very cool ;-)
I had to look at it twice - floating alright but on what?! superb! Tks for such wonderful surprises and pleasures!
NICE ..........................
Chan Li
Beautiful ,it's really a pleasure browsing stunning photos on Google plus
soooooooooooo cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
best photo ive ever seen
amazing photo......
Awesome ~~~ All the elements in perfect harmony Capturing the moment perfect
1. look at your hand
2. whisper a wish into it
3. put this on 10 other posts
4. look at your hand
ha i thought it was floating, too but now i realize it's a real photo with no effects at all, its reallllly pretty
mo mo
How come the water does not show the reflection of the inside of the boat ?
That is just gorgeous. Hook the anchor to a cloud.
its cool because theres might be a nother univers and u dont know which is which its nice =pppp
You say the boats have returned to the water, but I don't see any water. Those two seem to be stuck in the clouds. Well, I guess clouds are technically water, fair enough.
does anybody know how 2 get adroid apps on your computer without an adroid phone
Is this a great Photoshop work or perfect photo shot of ideal scene?
Ozod DS
Beautiful shot

wow! howz that even possibe...where did u get it???
its gonnna be my new wallpaper!
Gorgeous. Did you do anything special when you set up this photo? You have the eye of an artist.
Nice shot, the reflexion is cool!
I am glad to see such beauty
wow! master piece...great work!
Fantastic!! I have a soft spot for reflection photos, and this is one of the most captivating I have ever seen.
Esta foto es como un sueno de tranquilidad. La reflexion de la nuves en el agua. Es captivante. 
To live means up-sailing or sailing up: wither or weather?
Whether does who knows?
Jesus! What a perfect picture...evocative...has my mind fizzy with random thoughts...thanx!
Incredible photo. Thank you for posting
MasyaAllah! Allah The Creator of all creations. Beautiful man!
+David Mould I shared this on Facebook with credit, hope you don't mind- fantastic photo!
STUNNING! Masterful and amazing... A boat in the sky, out of the sky and in the water... My mind is transported into a "feeling" of hypnotic thought. Thank-You! GLO
Quite often simple harmony (like seen here) tends to.... not happen when there's saturated colors. My opinion: easy to play subtle "intelligent" harmony in grey with lots of white space. This is not. This is beautifully real with "no thinking needed", it is.
Wo my god So beautiful , i like it.
omg!!! thats all i can say!!!!
Ascension.....into another dimension.....
The picture is so clear and serine!
I'm the editor of the literary magazine New American Writing, and I'm interested in using this Loch Rusky photograph on the cover of our forthcoming issue, No. 34.  Our circulation is small, around 1,000, but the magazine is influential and longstanding in the U.S.  Please contact me at if this is of interest to you.  -Paul Hoover
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