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Shortening window to get a digital marketing question answered by some brainy-ass +SEER Interactive folk. Jump on it!
#SEERQandA  'All Things Digital' is only a few minutes away. We'll be answering all of your questions right here in this thread! 
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David Minchala

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Sweet fllippin idea
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David Minchala

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My NYC peoples - come to this and be the wiser for it!
I'll be speaking at the +iAcquire  #ContentStrategy   meetup "Human After All: Tools for Personalizing Content Strategy" in NYC on Wednesday, July 24th with +Brittan Bright, +David Minchala, and +Fajr Muhammad. RSVP now!
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David Minchala

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Both the brand for Google Local and the forward facing search products seem to be falling by the wayside.

But G Local will persist as a service feeding critical contextually relevant data to the many current Google products.
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David Minchala

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Wow, just saw some super tacky lead gen. Apparently, to get "fast-tracked" -- which to me reads: actually have someone look at your resume -- for a marketing job at +Uber Chicago, the car service, you have to get 25 people to sign up for their services.

This is gross abuse of candidates who are looking for work in a highly competitive market. Getting hundreds of candidates, only one of which will ever be paid for their hard work, to get more customers for Uber is another example of how corporations are taking advantage of people at every turn. Not to mention those hunting for jobs are often a vulnerable and possibly desperate group when out-of-work.

This is not about Uber getting the best and sharpest candidates with large social reaches. This is about Uber getting the cheapest labor possible: free. They'll probably be able to easily pay for the first year of their new marketing employee through this scheme.

I'll be thinking twice next time I need a car service, and I may put the Elvis karaoke taxi in my phone instead.
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David Minchala

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It's true, i did lol. #data 
Dilbert on Data Accuracy

I'm confident you are going to LOL, yes, I said LOL (!), when you read these three strips. But I wish I could tell you how extraordinarily well they reflect reality.

And while we are on the topic, here's a post on strategies to overcome the web metrics data quality challenge: Slay The Analytics Data Quality Dragon & Win Your HiPPO's Love!:

#dataqualitydragons   #haha  
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David Minchala

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Some useful excel formulas (requires SEO Tools plugin) for taking 10-digit phone numbers and turning them into common phone number formats:

RegexpReplace(A1,"^.{3}","("&LEFT(A1,3)&") ")
RegexpReplace(A1,"(^.*)","("&LEFT(A1,3)&") "&RIGHT(RegexpFind(A1, "^.{6}"), 3)&"-"&RIGHT(A1,4))
RegexpReplace(A1,"(^.*)",LEFT(A1,3)&"-"&RIGHT(RegexpFind(A1, "^.{6}"), 3)&"-"&RIGHT(A1,4))

+Annie Cushing  - wondering if you'd find this useful
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Massive menu and surprisingly most everything is really good. Only misstep was a pasta dish with some old-tasting pork in it - i believe that was a special. In 4+ visits to this place, that one dish was the only blemish on an otherwise really good set of experiences. My fav dish is the seafood fra diavolo. Holy Moses, is it a lot of seafood and SO FRIKKIN GOOD. The rigatoni with meat gravy and ricotta is also freakin sweet - recommend. Service is hit or miss but never bad enough to ruin an evening. Friday evenings there's a fella that plays the piano - it's very nice. Wine selection is okay - the real star here is the food, though.
• • •
Food: ExcellentDecor: GoodService: Good
Public - 11 months ago
reviewed 11 months ago
Little known fact: best gin you've ever had made here. Brooklyn Gin. Treat yo'self!
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
I only ever want to eat their brisket for the rest of my life for every meal. Get 1/4 moist and 1/4 lean and place between two slices of bread. Thank me later (and likely erect a shrine in my likeness). Everything here will make you fat - just accept that. So definitely come hungry but try not to come often. It's market style so you sit down, take a bit of paper to the counter that has the bbq & sides you want, they mark it on the paper, and you sit down. Waiters take drink orders only. When you're done, you take the paper up to the counter to pay. Bierhaus style seating here in a lot of the dining room - long tables where you might mix with some new friends. I find this to be a feature, not a bug.
• • •
Public - 2 years ago
reviewed 2 years ago
Doesn't really feel like a Christmas market so much as it does a bazaar (complete w/spice & tea stands - not kidding). The few stands that offer "glüwhein" offer the non-alcoholic knock-off, kinderpunsch. What's the point? That said, you still get a good feeling walking around seeing all the diverse wares and there are still a good assortment of tasty treats.
Public - 2 years ago
reviewed 2 years ago
15 reviews
Skip brunch. Farmers salad came out with careless, hopeless, tasteless grilled chicken. Farmers breakfast okay - grits done well. Fresh carrot juice was excellent, though.
Public - 2 years ago
reviewed 2 years ago
The beer selection was pretty limited and the skirt steak salad was totally forgettable. The garlic fries were delicious, though. This place has a weird identity crisis, too - they have a flatscreen playing whatever the night's main sporting event is yet it doesnt fit the look and feel of the bar area, and the back dining area is separated from the front almost like first class is separate from coach. Staff was reasonably attentive but that's all i can remember. I won't go back on purpose, but i wouldn't avoid it either.
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reviewed 2 years ago
Near perfect score. What went wrong? Cold bread n butter. Why get lazy THERE??
Public - 2 years ago
reviewed 2 years ago