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I've been enjoying this, too. Every time you open a new tab in Chrome, you get to see some interesting new corner of our planet.
Really enjoying the Earth View chrome extension. There's new features like easier sharing (like this!) and 500 new views.
Earth View is a collection of the most beautiful and striking landscapes found in Google Earth.
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I like this extension, it's always fun to see what comes up. 
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Nice to see another GWT conference!
the second edition of +GwtCon  is on the way.
Next November join us in Florence for a two days event on GWT.
Confirmed speakers: 
+Daniel Kurka+Christian Goudreau+Manon Gruaz+Peter Lehto 

The Call for Papers is now open and it will close on September 20, 2015.

Propose your contributions ( and/or contact us ( to be part of the conference.
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David Chandler

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I've finally released storm-gen 1.0 with the new baseDaoClass annotation contributed by +Alexander Gherschon (and documented in the project's main README). Now available in Maven Central. I'll be speaking on it tomorrow at the Denver Droids meetup if you happen to be in the area.
storm-gen - Simple ORM for Android SQLite
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David Chandler

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Well-reasoned piece on the technical and legal challenges associated with mandating cryptographic back doors.
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David Chandler

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Looking forward to I/O Extended in Denver this year.
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David Chandler

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My #GXT talk from #Jfokus2015  is now available. First third contains updates on the GWT community and a super dev mode demo with IntelliJ. In the last third I demo GXT with Resty-GWT.
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David Chandler

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Android web app developers: how about an open source WebView you can bundle with your app? Crosswalk is an open source Chromium-based WebView created by the Intel Open Source Technology Center. I watched the Crosswalk OpenCL graphics demos running at 60fps on a Nexus 7 today at #SenchaCon2015 , very impressive. Google unbundled WebView from Lollipop forward but Crosswalk runs all the way back to 4.0 (ICS), thus letting you use newer Web features in older versions of Android. Works with Cordova (or not) and offers its own device APIs, as well. Pretty interesting stuff.
Replace Android’s default WebView with Crosswalk, a predictable web runtime for developing powerful Android and Cordova apps.
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Yes i do think its worth it. I may use it when my app grows. Will help a lot with saving test time and consistency. Currently i have 12% users with android under 4.0 but im sure in a few months those will do down. 4.0 users also get more features like css animations and optimizations.
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David Chandler

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This looks like a good proof of concept of the GWT future: JSInterop, new Elemental API, etc.

Glad to announce Vaadin gwt-polymer-elements [1] .
After some experiments wrapping polymer elements 0.5, we have worked hard on supporting polymer 1.0.2.

The library is available in maven central, and includes anything needed to start working with Paper and Iron Elements.
Visit the gwt-polymer-elements showcase [2] to know all elements available, click on the links at the top corner to see the UiBinder and java code.

We need your help to test and improve the API, please don't hesitate to ask for new features or report issues in github.

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David Chandler

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Here are two techniques we use at Sencha to launch super dev mode quicker and do CI builds faster in our #GWT  maven projects like #GXT .
TL;DR -draftCompile GWT developers are always looking for ways to speed up the development cycle. Colin Alworth has written an excellent blog post on GWT compiler options that can be used to select...
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David Chandler

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PSA Fascinating article on how easily your password less than 12 characters can be obtained by brute force hashing algorithms. (And don't forget to set up 2-step authentication wherever you can. And lock your phone already.)
Good advice from Jeff Atwood. Best part "Stop requiring passwords altogether, and let people log in with Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, or any other valid form of Internet driver's license that you're comfortable supporting. The best password is one you don't have to store."

The rest of the article is what to do if you can't do that.
23 Apr 2015. Your Password is Too Damn Short. I'm a little tired of writing about passwords. But like taxes, email, and pinkeye, they're not going away any time soon. Here's what I know to be true, and backed up by plenty of empirical data: No matter what you tell them, users will always choose ...
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+David Chandler
 But would I be able to use the ¢ symbol, since it's not on the keyboard?
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David Chandler

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My #GXT  talk from #Jfokus2015  is now available. The GWT super dev mode demo as well as Resty-GWT demo may be of interest to the broader #GWT  community.
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nice talk, tanks
expecting more blog post\plus notes in future
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David Chandler

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That moment when you realize that you just downloaded Ubuntu (1GB) , VirtualBox, and Chrome ARC-Welder while tethered to your phone... a text msg arrives... "You have used all of the high-speed data in your T-Mobile monthly data plan..." Well that explains why the "hotel Internet" was running so fast tonight :-)

Good times at #SenchaCon2015  
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That's not so bad, I had to pay $5 for every Mb:) That is European roaming:) 
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I've been developing Web apps since 1994 and most recently worked for Google as a Developer Advocate for Android, GWT, and DART. Last year I moved to Peru with the wife of my youth and our three youngest kids to learn Spanish and focus on technology projects primarily for non-profits and mission organizations. I'm available for contract work on Android, GWT, and App Engine projects as well as public and private training courses.
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We went for lunch at 12:15 on a weekday and were seated right away. Burger & rosemary fries were excellent as others have noted. The atmosphere is simple and quiet. Prices reasonable, great value overall. Will be back for more.
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Buena pizza de la leña
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Friendly service, fast wi-fi, nice decor, good lunch specials, great frappuccino.
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Nice atmosphere, friendly staff, and good coffee at very reasonable prices.
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We've used Personalized Pest Solutions for the past 9 years and have been extremely happy. Eric installed our termite system and does the quarterly maintenance as well as inside pest control. He is trustworthy, friendly, and easy to work with. He has made many great recommendations about how to minimize ants, gnats, etc. and has always been responsive (including retreatment for free of problem spots after a regular visit).
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