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Hey y'all!
I am going to do a Google Hangout at 4:00pm PST!

Once the hangout goes live and if you are part of The Cavalcadium Community (which you are since you can see this message), you'll get an invite to join the hangout (if you have notifications turned on)!

Hangouts are limited to 10 or so people, so if you don't get in, keep trying! It's purely first come first serve!

The topic of the hangout will be questions about Steam Powered Giraffe. I'll lead the hangout and whoever is in the hangout with me can ask whatever they want and I'll answer to the best of my knowledge.

For those of you who cannot make it in, the hangout will also be available for you to watch on YouTube!

Who wants to try a hangout with me while we are on the road? I am unable to invite anyone from the Cavalcadium on the mobile app, so it'd have to be someone inviting me :3

The Google Hangout is full right now (maximum 9 people), but feel free to keep trying, people come and go every once in awhile. :)

If you don't get in, we'll have others in the future.

Hangout started!
Join by clicking on the "Hang out" button on the right under "HANGOUTS".
Good luck!

Hey all!
David Michael Bennett here. I play The Spine in Steam Powered Giraffe.
By joining The Official Cavalcadium Google community you'll now have a chance to join in on random Google+ Hangouts with the band members, as well as connect with other fans and friends!

Make sure you've got your Google+ Hangout notifications turned on, as you won't want to miss the random invitation to a Hangout ;)

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