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I made some uprights so I can do squats using the instructions here:
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I mixed it pretty thick so i don't think it got underneath. I also don't know the consequences of cement under the post
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I just scored 20624 on 2048! Check this out
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My first guitar! Finally after a five year process, I've sanded it down to wood and primed, painted, finished, rewired and re-strung it. I think it's time for a name...
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Nice job 
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test trailer

Lets' make this the number one video on YouTube. Because I SAY SO. I was View 4. What will your number have been?
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Pointing out the obvious - Book Learnin' ain't nothing compared to experience. But I think I encountered all of these "in school" (except maybe SQL) thanks to CoOp.
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Peter Macdiarmid has taken photographs of locations in France and England to match with archive images taken before, during and after the D-day landings. The Allied invasion to liberate mainland Europe from Nazi occupation during the second world war took place on 6 June 1944. Operation Overlord was the largest seaborne invasion in military history, with more than 156,000 Allied troops storming the beaches of France• Photography then and now lets...
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The world needs more of this. 
In each episode of DiResta (every other Wednesday), artist and master builder Jimmy DiResta (Dirty Money, Hammered, Against the Grain, Trash for Cash) lets u...
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Just watched that with Elena. So cool.... So many tools I don't have!
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"News Post: Last Night"
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New Year's Resolution is upon us - Who will build a trebuchet with me?
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I just got cast in Les Miserables!
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Thanks for the well wishes all!!!
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You may know me as Dave/David, Mike/Michael, dMb, Fro, or Hikus. Choose your own adventure.
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I started at Lowes, but their copied key wouldn't turn the lock. Ye Ole Locksmith Shoppe copied a house key which worked first time, and a car key (without transponder) that needed to be re-cut once (no fee). The car was the one I was driving at the time, so it was an easy test to see that it needed to be re-cut. Google Maps currently (10/1/2013) shows it on the wrong side of the street - it moved across the street at some point, and is currently located on the Southwest side of Route 5
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