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We've rehearsed the script in several drafts and have found some room for improvement (naturally!). I'm going to know soon who will play the third role in this tiny 3-act film. If all goes well, cameras will roll in August!

The third book, whose working title is "The Diamond Angel," is going to wrap up this trilogy with one helluva bang. To smooth the way, I'm working on a short film about Angela. It's set in the years before the great accident that culminated in the events of "The Soul Thief," when Angela still worked amongst the Roma as a chovihani, dream-walking and offering counseling. The film will introduce someone who becomes pivotal in the third book... Expect to see it late this year!

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"The God of Battles" is available in paperback and Kindle editions worldwide! The second installment in the "Gypsy Dreamwalker" series, this continues the story of Angela and Cassandra begun in the first book, "The Soul Thief," which garnered rave reviews on and Goodreads.

For those living in northern California, stop by Tammie's Books in of "The God of Battles"of both novels, as well as "Poems de Terre," the poetry collection I co-authored with my partner, Rachel Anderson. For everyone else, you can find my Amazon author page here:

Direct link to the new novel:

From the back cover of "The God of Battles":

War is Hell. Especially when it’s a War in Heaven. 

Dr. Angela Cooper, half-Romani psychiatrist and psychic healer, is opening a mental health clinic in Oakland. Specializing in patients with PTSD, she wishes to use her healing talent to make her part of the world a better place. When she meets Simon Fenway, a traumatized war vet, she learns that the world has other ideas. 

“Your power awakens many sleeping things.” 

So warns the spirit of her dead Teacher. Soon, old Romani sorcery and reawakened antediluvian spirits embroil her in an Otherworldly War between godlike powers that threatens to spill over onto Earth. Is Angela ready to enter the battlefield of the mind to save her patient?

Less than a week until "The God of Battles" is launched on Amazon! For those who are local, Tammie's Books in Weaverville will hold a signing three days earlier than launch, on April 11th, this Saturday. See you there!

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I'm extremely pleased that "The Soul Thief" has been chosen as a <a href="" target="_blank">Pitch Perfect Pick</a> by Underground Book Reviews. The UBR, as their "About" page says, "puts a spotlight on the emerging world of independent, e-publishing and self-publishing." Aside from my personal reasons, I appreciate their mission because they're providing a crucial element in the ecosystem of New Publishing: thoughtful, critical reviews.

Whether or not "The Soul Thief" is chosen to be reviewed, I am satisfied that the book has received an element of recognition. As part of my preparation for the launch of "The God of Battles," I'm going to keep pushing ST out there.

For the last month or so I’ve been head-down in my next writing project. Okay, I just lied. I was also applying content edits until a couple of weeks ago, but aside from that I’ve been head-down. It’s surprisingly difficult to write the new story, but that’s probably because it’s really two stories. Each of the four novellas I’m planning will be a two-parter, dealing with two new individuals who become interwoven with the overall storyline.

I think the difficulty arises because, although these are shorter in word count, these stories still require the same amount of initial creative effort. They are complete stories, with the usual rising action, climax, and ending sequence. So what I’m finding is that my daily word count is lower, but I’m moving at about the same pace as a larger story might require while plotting.

Which brings me to another point. I think that the reason why I like starting with a screenplay form is that it’s much easier to revise. I can push a first draft, review the story, revise and rewrite, without plowing through acres of description or internalization. In other words, it’s an even more finely detailed outline, of a sort. This workflow matches how I think: rough in the ideas, then iterate. It’s also how I write code, and in fact the two activities are very similar. In both coding and writing, I start with a (requirements document/story idea), move through high level design (architecture/plot), and iterate over the modular functionality (classes or modules/drafts) until I have something I can (test/read). Then comes the (debugging/rewriting).

This novella introduces two characters, as I’ve said. The first is a French archaeologist named Alexandre. He is known for being a fast worker, often showing up at a new site and finding buried ‘treasure’ within a day or two. The second is a successful art dealer, Hector, who never keeps a piece for himself. Both of them experience awakenings of one form or other, and it’s been a blast finding out exactly how.

Each novella will be further split into two mini-novellas of about 20,000 words (more like a longer short story than a short novella). These will feature two characters whose lives begin to intertwine with the story of the Dreamwalker. The first will feature an archaeologist with unusual insight who answers a call from the Otherworld, and an art dealer whose obsession with a certain painting could cost him more than his life. I'm planning on four novellas to span the time between the end of "The God of Battles" and the final novel, very tentatively entitled "The Lady of Light."

Between the books, between the worlds... Following my newly-sensitive nose and exploring a novel idea, as it were: write a short (4-book) series of novellas, each of which explores a certain topic that follows on from "The God of Battles." After the series, dive into a full-length novel, which I am very tentatively entitling "The Lady of Light." Of course, now that I've said it, that title will be a bit harder to dislodge if I find something better...

Tomorrow, the manuscript for "The God of Battles" goes to the editor. I anticipate a raft of work when I get that back! Then in January, my line editor will help me clean up the book, and then one or two proofreads after that. It seems like it's been a long while since I started working on the new novel, but in fact I wrote the screenplay version in April and the first novel draft in August!
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