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My contribution for the day!


Thanks for the inspiration +Florian Rohrweck :)
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Apple was the chosen was supposed to bring balance to the force.
Everyone knows an Apple lightsaber is much more reliable than the Android model.....
+Don Noll, I tried your suggestion, and can now report that Apple light-sabers are NOT more reliable than Android models! I found a pair of droids marooned on a distant moon, and their light-saber COOKED mine! A seriously poor choice of material IMHO. :-(
+Andrew King which version of IOS did you have running on your iSaber?  I noticed that 5.1 was a little flakey, you can really kick some Republic Butt with the new 6.0.  With 6.0 you can change the color on the fly, change the frequency of the sound when you are slicing Storm Troopers with it.  And the Apple model also has a store where you can download lots of music to kill to...
+Don Noll, lol! I think I may have used defective (maybe rotten?) fruit. I've decided to try Jelly Beans instead, as I've heard Jelly Bean light-sabers are less prone to leaving an unpleasant taste in the mouth.
+Don Noll, you've obviously been spending too much time at Hogwarts. Google is one step ahead of you and has put in place self-organizing quality control measures. I think I heard one of their elves use the word #foss ...but I don't speak elvish.
I wanted to be a Jedi too, but then Lord Jobs told me that this wasn't the profession I was looking for...
^ Also, the problem with Apple lightsabers is that they crack easily, since the whole thing is made of glass.. and it's very common to see non-working lightsabers just because you dropped it from a height of 3 feet.. I mean c'mon, when you're in a heated duel, it's possible that it might fall from your hands. There are several other issues as well, such as the laser only comes out if you hold it in a particular way, it doesn't come with a femtoSD card slot, oh and the most annoying one is if you run out of power, you can't change the batteries - imagine that happening to you when you're dueling with Lord Vader! 
and as we all know, apple is the empire, android is the rebellion!
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