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#usesforwhitespace #whitespace #newgoogleplus
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the funniest #usesforwhitespace - thx for that :)
Welcome back to Windows 95 everyone. :)
I can see it now, "Is that a post you are trying to write?"
Jnet N
Clippy, my old nemesis! Or at least that's what I called him.
+Jnet N, lol, I'm certain you're not the only one who thought of Clippy as a nemesis!
I think you're trying to write a letter.
"It looks like you're updating your status..."
i like the paper clip dude but he doesnt show up on mine anymore & i dont know his name
Lol wow, might as well since there's a huge gap now :P
Jesus Christ, kill the bastard before he gets comfortable.

Seriously, though, I wish that whitespace would go away.
thinkng of an animated character called google assisstant comming to the white space this october! alway chatting and entertaining you!
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