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Nearly every day, I read a great blog post or find some other content that I like and I want to learn more about the artist who created it.

Remarkably, many people don't bother to tell me who they are! Why? Because these folks haven’t developed an effective "about" or bio page.
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David, it's that whole idea of writing "about me" that I don't enjoy.
+David Meerman Scott it amazes me how it is difficult to finfd out 'a little more' about people. A photo would be a start. Where yo live. Key interests. How to get hold of you.

PS Good blog
You're right +David Meerman Scott  and +Robert Craven. It's just one of those things we (rather I) have to get over and get it done. Any tips on where to start? What makes a good bio? When does it sound too self promoting or is that the purpose?
+Margie Jordan - personally I would start with trying to see it through the eyes of the reader/customer - what would they want to know... then think about the message that you are trying to communicate eg "I am cool" "I am professional" "Talk to me about piranhas" or whatever...etc
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