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I'm intrigued with the GolinHarris real-time approach of what they call "The Bridge" - a network of real-time storytelling centers - staffed in the Americas, EMEA and Asia Pacific.

This Wall Street trading room approach is exactly what I've constantly talked about and I’m excited to see it being implemented so I connected with Jim Dowd, Executive Director, National Media for GolinHarris, to learn more.
For the past several years, I've written and spoken extensively about the idea of real-time marketing & PR, the subject of my Wall Street Journal bestseller, now published in eight languages. ...
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I got to see "The Bridge" in person in Dallas a few weeks ago. It's a very interesting concept that is similar to what some large companies - with big budgets - have created for themselves internally. Now, other have access to something similar with the Golin Harris approach.
I think GH has them in SF, Dallas, and possibly NYC in the US.
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