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According to Nielsen, the average American spends 158 hours each month watching television(!!). That's 1,896 hours - 79 full days - per year in front of the boob tube.

How to do something audacious: Cut out television and you can do anything
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We put our TV on vacation at times. Big sign on the front of the TV says, "I've gone on vacation, be back on..." And the kids know it's out. They go play in their rooms, outside and we read more and play board games. Great time.
158 hours per month? I don't even reach that in a year I think, wow! :o
heh, already did that +David Meerman Scott We disconnected our cable service 2 years ago. We decided it made ZERO sense to pay $100 per month or more to watch commercials and lame content. What we do watch we watch online, what we want, when we want to and a lot less commercials oddly enough. We know watch a lot less TV and frankly don't miss it a bit.
I'm hearing about a lot of people who have cancelled the TV subscription! Excellent.
43% of internet traffic at night during prime time and 42% of mobile traffic at night is for "entertainment" and 20% of nighttime internet traffic is Netflix. Broadcast TV needs to figure out that they are going down the same path as print media. They need to change their biz model from being "broadcasters" to content providers and push content out through ALL media. Their business model should be content based not media type based.
I absolutely never watch TV. I've started writing a book recently (actually I am at 20 000 words). Anyway, I wrote there if people instead of 1 hour watching TV, did 1 hour of work + 1 hour of audiobook (about management or finances) they in just a year they would have 365 hours of improvement for 2 qualities. With this, they are well on their path to fulfill the 10 000 hours path.

Malcolm Gladwell spoke about 10 000 hours. Basically, there was a study how there's no talent, just person put up 10 000 hours of hard effort. Tv, and nowadays with younger generations Facebook is just time consumer.
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