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John Austen’s Haunting Illustrations of Hamlet: Masterpiece of Aesthetic Movement (1922) 
We’ve popularly come to think of the Victorian era as one in which a prudish, sentimental conservatism ruled with imperial force over the arts and culture.
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David MacKinnon

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The Star Spangled Banner and the War of 1812
History we've chosen to ignore

Territorial expansion, and linkage of Native Americans with British on the western frontier were major causes of the declaration of war. Issues of "Manifest Destiny" and an expanding western frontier (then places like Ohio) were far more relevant to the average American setters than sea trade issues. And note that the first thing that Americans did was to attack the British by invading Canada with the aim of annexing Canadian territory. The British retaliated by alliances with Native Americans as well as by burning down Washington DC. The British, of course had a strong navy but less ability to resupply the western frontier. The Star Spangled Banner was written during the naval bombardment of Baltimore. See:

"The British understood very well that slavery was their enemy’s Achilles’ heel, and when Cockburn and his fleet returned to the Chesapeake in the spring of 1814 after wintering in Bermuda, he was determined to take full advantage. His orders read:

Let the landings you make be more for the protection of the desertion of the Black Population than with a view to any other advantage. . . . The great point to be attained is the cordial Support of the Black population. With them properly armed & backed with 20,000 British Troops, Mr. Madison will be hurled from his throne. ”

On May 29, horrified planters had their first look at the next stage of the British scheme. A raid on Pungoteague, on Virginia’s Eastern Shore, featured the Colonial Marines, a regiment of former slaves now armed and trained on Tangier Island, Cockburn’s base in the middle of the bay. The rags in which their owners clothed them had been replaced by bright red uniforms, and they were eager for battle, rapidly putting the defending militia to flight. “I was highly pleased with the conduct of the Colonial Marines,” reported the raid’s commander, “every Individual of which Evinced the greatest eagerness to come to Action with their former masters.””

So yes indeed, the lines below are exactly about slavery:
No refuge could save the hireling and slave
From the terror of flight, or the gloom of the grave.

It is important to recognize that the ending of the War of 1812 left the naval issues unresolved. In that regard, the War of 1812 ended in failure. Why is it that Americans chose to bury this part of the historical record? Naval issues remained. But additionally, slavery continued. Genocidal attacks against Native Americans continued. Americans chose not to recognize or deal with these serious human rights issues. The US vaulted Andrew Jackson to the Presidency as a hero. Hopefully we can look back at the historical record with clearer eyes now.
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David MacKinnon

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Do you think it's fair that corporations can move their offices offshore to avoid tax bills?
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David MacKinnon

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[...] 6. They [neurotypicals] speak in code. They say one thing, but mean something completely different. They use strange body language to communicate to each other. They sign e-mails with kisses. Yet, if you go to kiss them next time you see them they are freaked out. I never kiss anyone but I know this is true.
7. They may ask unnecessary questions that they don’t want an honest answer to.
8. They like eye contact. Yes can you believe it and they may even feel that you are dishonest if you don’t give them eye contact. I find it best to look at their forehead and pretend I am giving eye contact.
9. They like having really loud music and dance around doing strange stereotypical movements. The name they give for this movement is ‘clubbing it’. Some NT’s say that this behaviour helps them to relax after a hard days working. How?????? It has been suggested that therapy could be used to help NT’s find a more socially acceptable way to relieve pressure.
Here is a guide on understanding Neorotypicals (NT's). I hope it helps. pottrry 1. Neurotypicality is a spectrum condition it can vary greatly all the way from a person who needs to socialise all the time and can't stand being alone even for 5 minutes right up to a shy quiet person.
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David MacKinnon

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Google award scam.

Here's a variation on the Nigerian lottery prize or inheritance scam. Contains the usual nonsense. This time the prize is said to be for being a patron of the Google Search Engine. Imagine that. $2.75 million just for using a search engine.

By the way, the email originated from a CZ domain.

Note the interesting paragraph about "double claimers."

Google Promotion Award Department®
44 Oakleugh RoadSouth
London N11 INP
United Kingdom.

Dear E-mail User,
GOOGLE Winning Notification !!!

We are pleased to once again congratulate you on this note that part
of our lucky winners selected this year. Your e-mail ID has emerged as
a winner of $2,754,000.00 in our on-going Google Promotion Award. We wish to congratulate you once again on this note, for being part of our
winners selected this year. This promotion was set-up to encourage the
active users of the Google search engine, the Google ancillary
services, support fraud victims, support widows, uplift poverty
alleviation, charity aid, community development, improve the level of
education worldwide, encourage the use of Internet and computers
worldwide for vast knowledge and also increase the standard of living
of the less privileged. Hence we do believe that with your winning
prize, you will continue to be active and patronage to the Google
search engine. Google is now the biggest search engine worldwide and
in an effort to make sure that it remains the most widely used search

The Google Promotion Award Team collects the E-mail ID of all active
users online, among the people that subscribed to GOOGLE SEARCH
ALTAVISTA, BIGPOND, FACEBOOK and all the social networks online, among
the billions users that subscribe to internet in which your email ID
emerged as one of the lucky winners that won G$2,754,000.00 through
electronic balloting system without the winner applying, we are
congratulating you for been one of the lucky people that won for this
Month of August/September

A winning cheque of $2,754,000.00 will be issued on your name by
our fiduciary agent, and also a certificate of prize claims will be
sent alongside your winning cheque. Note that all winners cheque are
certified international bank draft, and when delivered and received by
you, you can deposit and cash it in any bank of your choice without
any delay.

To claim your won prize, please contact the Google Award claims
Fiduciary Agent (Mr Maxwell Robinson )neatly filling the verification
details below.

Mr Maxwell Robinson
Contact Email:

Kindly forward your verification details as stated below to the Google
Fiduciary Agent;

1. Full Name:
2. House Address:
3. Occupation:
4. Sex:
5. Age:
6. Marital Status:
7. Direct Phone No:
8. Country:
9. Ticket Number: 00869575733664
10. Serial Number: BTD/8070447706/06
11.Lucky Number: 12-12-23-35-40-41(12)

The Google Promotion Award Team has discovered a huge number of double
claims due to winners informing close friends, relatives and third
parties about their winning and also sharing their pin numbers. As a
result of this, these friends try to claim the lottery on-behalf of
the real winners. The Google Promotion Award Team has reached a
decision that any double claim discovered by the Lottery Board will
result to the cancellation of that particular winning, making a loss
for both the double claimer and the real winner, as it is taken that
the real winner was the informer to the double claimer
About the lottery. So you are hereby strongly advised once more to
keep your winnings strictly confidential until you claim your prize.

Please do not reply if you are NOT the owner of this Email-ID.
Congratulations from the Staffs & Members of Google Board Commission.

Mrs. Charlene Richards.

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David MacKinnon

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You never know who your friends will be
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David MacKinnon

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First we need to eliminate the electoral college and allow the popular vote to actually elect the president.

ht +Russ Abbott
Why not disrupt our broken political system?

The political center is the single biggest unserved consumer market of any kind in the United States of America today. The idea that we are a deeply divided nation – Google that phrase and see how many tens of thousands of times pundits say it – is a myth.

The reality is that, on most issues, the distribution of public opinion is normal, with the greatest numbers of us bunched right under the main part of the bell curve. It’s easy to see how you could redefine the market for policy and philosophy in a way that targeted the center 60 percent of voters instead of anchoring in the distribution’s tails.

Let the the disrupters of the Valley disrupt for political good. The world will thank you.

via +VentureBeat via +Moshe Vardi 
How is it that the big, bad Valley – 48 miles worth of growling, industry-eviscerating talent, ambition, and money – has become a compliant lap dog for the anti-competitive overlords of the most astonishingly broken consumer market in American society today: politics?
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Problem is, that won't happen. The small states have the power to block it. That can't be the first step.
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David MacKinnon

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As usual, the devil is in the details. Not so impressive when you find out it's only 2% from wind turbines. Headlines can be deliberately misleading.

To begin with, it’s Costa Rica’s electrical grid that’s been running on renewables, but not the transportation system — cars and buses — which accounts for nearly 70% of the country’s energy consumption.
How Costa Rica achieved 100% renewable energy, and what it means.
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David MacKinnon

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Trump does claim to be the outside candidate, because he's not a politician. However, I think Trump is far from an outsider and is part of the establishment; therefore part of the problem.

Before becoming a candidate, Trump went bankrupt with Atlantic City. Before that, he built Trump Tower right in view of Central Park where residents have lived for that view. He was able to do that with eminent domain. Trump will use eminent domain and put people out on the street as long as it betters his business, he doesn't care. Trump is corrupt.

Now let's look at Clinton. Her conduct will forever hinge on the Benghazi incident. Hillary was responsible for making sure there was enough embassy security on duty (being USMC). She relieved duty of some of the Marines at the embassy and 4 American lives died, including the Ambassador to Libya at the time.

Both are corrupted for different reasons, but neither is better than the other.

§HillaryLied §AmericansDied §TrumpIsUncouth §TrumpTheFirstAmericanDictatorPresident

ht +betsy mccall
This may be the weirdest election year ever. People are not happy about what’s happening in their lives and a supposedly “anti-establishment” candidate has risen by playing off these fears and ...
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Eager to help anyone, anywhere, any time. Plus me, circle me!
Here are the areas that I have interest in where you can circle me into:
  • Tech-informational posts
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  • All posts relating to the Job Industry as a whole
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I also have an interest in the Health food industry.
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Bragging rights
I'm good with Mac computers, customer service, maps, languages. I have over 6 years experience of various types of customer service.
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  • Sunnyslope High School
    General Diploma, 1995 - 1999
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  • Circle K
    Retail Clerk, 2014 - 2014
    Everything from facing the shelves, to helping customers find the items they need, to cashing out the customers in line at the counter, till out the register at the end of the shift.
  • National Mortgage Relief Agency, LLC
    Loss Mitigation Junior Manager, 2009 - 2010
  • Safeway Inc.
    Courtesy Clerk, 2007 - 2008
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    Deli Clerk, 2006 - 2007
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    CSTM (left at All-STAR rank), 2002 - 2004
  • United States Postal Service
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  • Suncoast Motion Picture Company
    Christmas Seasonal Clerk, 2001 - 2001
  • United States Air Force
    Security Forces Helper/3P011/E-3/A1C, 2001 - 2001
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    Catalog Entry Clerk, 2001 - 2001
  • Maricopa County STAR Call Center
    Customer Service Agent, 2000 - 2000
  • Maricopa County Assessor's Office in the Records Management Deparment
    Support Trainee, 2000 - 2000
  • Peter Piper Pizza
    Pizza Cook/Prep, 1999 - 2000
  • Convergys
    Customer Save Professional - AT&T , 2015 - 2016
    Helping to save AT&T customers money by offering customers discounted phone plans.
  • TeleperformanceUSA
    Customer Care Professional, 2016 - present
    Help insurance members with their questions.
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Service here is always to notch. Food quality is always made the way you ask. Servers are always attentive in making sure food was made right and drinks are filled. Servers here should deserve a 20-25% tip for excellent service.
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Awesome staff, clean rooms
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Awesome place to grab some to drink and snack on while touristing through Bisbee.
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