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Free outdoor NYC theater this weekend! Join this ragtag group of survivors to rid the city of evil robots. Everyone grab a watergun! They (really) can't do it without you! #theater   #nyc   #free   #classonvsklaxons

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#NYC: Like #theater? Like your smartphone? Always wished you could be on your smartphone through a theater show? NOW YOU CAN. Buy your tickets to off-off-Broadway's exploration of love and life in the internet age: CLICKBAIT.

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CLICKBAIT, a new play by myself and Esther Ko, is coming along so nicely. There's so much new stuff to tell everyone about, so check out our new promo video!

Tickets are on sale for the September 4-14th run at

#theatre   #nyc   #theatershows   #theater  

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Our next poet laureate: that guy you accidentally read once while looking for James Wright.

'“I’m very honored and flattered to be picked, but also somewhat confused,” Mr. Wright said in a softly accented voice.'

You and me both, friend. #poetry  

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Emily Brontë beats her dog, and why it's kind of awesome.

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"It wasn’t until 2014 that Google truly achieved a simple home page, even simpler than what it looked like when it first launched. It took 15 years in the making of a company to achieve this level of simplicity, and certainly not because of lack of will or talent. "
Design Is...
One of the best design articles I've ever read.

I found this post thanks to +Bradley Horowitz and +Bernd Rubel. I can honestly say it's one of the best articles on design I've ever read. In fact, I may make it mandatory reading for all my future potential clients. lol!

The author, +Irene Au (former head of Design for +Google) explains the importance, power, and pillars of design in a way that will make sense to anyone. If you're a CEO, you need to read this more than anyone else. 

She also gives some powerful examples of how design and #branding  go hand-in-hand (one of my favorite subjects). 

Seriously, stop reading me ramble about how good this thing is and just go read it! You'll thank me!

#design   #creativity  
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