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Suki off to school in 2014 !

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Chillin' at home

I had a great party last night and it went so well and we all ate Japanese and Korean and Vietnamese food, but I am very sad because the guest I wanted to impress most tried to take over my kitchen and tried to tell me I didn't know how to cook. I am a qualified chef, bartender and have other hospitality industry qualifications as well as all the other stuff I do. I am so just amazingly stunned how this person I thought was a friend and who respected actually thought I was an un-skilled nobody. She is never a chef, but I am and last night I cook Korean, Japanse and Vietnamese food with the assistance of two of my students, and everybody LOVED what I cooked. But all she could do is say "You cannot pan-fry beef in small strips like that. You cannot cook". And I had to get angry and say "Get ouf of my kitchen. I am a skilled chef and I will tell my assistants what to do. You go and sit down and drink my sake and shouchu and get out of my fucking kitchen. You are a guest here, not the boss. My house. My kitchen. My style of food. 3 course Korean, Japanese and Vietnamese meal"

Don't ever anyone fucking tell me I don't know how to hold a party and cook a three or four course meal for a dozen guests or customers. I can carry up to 5 plates full of food at once, not ONE like the Vietnamese here do. I may be in the IT industry for money, but that doesn't mean I am not an expert, well trained waiter and bar manager, because I fucking am. I can serve 5 customers at once, I am not a fucking moron. IT and journalism may be my profession, but hospitality and customer service is one of my private passions that I enjoy because I have studied it and understand it. 

Noone has ever had a bad dinner party at my house, and I'm sure my friends will testify to that. You want bbq'd duck breast stuffed with camembert and other types of cheese along with seasoned grilled asparagus and mashed potato ? No problem. I cooked that for my friend my last night Australia.

Noone takes over my damn kitchen and tells me I can't fucking cook. I'm sorry to the girl involved and I used to like her a LOT. But I had a great party last night for people from 5 or 6 countries and everyone left happy and complimented me on the food. 

I can cook motherfuckers. I can make drinks. Don't take me for a moron just because I drink beer in the street in Saigon.

Now excuse me. I have a new passtime. I'm taking some more music to my NEW favourite bar, where I know all the staff and owners and one person is my student. And I'm going to DJ and entertain tonight. Because that's something I like to do, just for fun.

You can pay me $120 USD an hour to have me do your IT support and run your email and website or more to write software for you, but that's the job I do for money. The job I do for love is the one where I go to restaurants and bars and I make people smile. Because to me, just one smile and a thank you is worth more than $100.

Do some of you know what I'm saying ?
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