An Advancing Society Will Privatize All The Things

I'm not sure I agree with the premise of this post, as the Industrial Revolution has lead to greater degrees of centralization and government control.

However, in the post-Industrial Information Age, I can see glimmers of decentralization (Bitcoin, Wikipedia, World Wide Web, Skype, eBay, Uber...) so the author may be correct.

From the post :

Given that a private law society is inevitable over the long term, what is left for the young libertarian activist to do?

If you enjoy politics, then by all means continue to advocate ending the Fed and lowering entitlement spending. Just understand that your efforts mirror those of the White Rose; noble yet inconsequential in the grand scheme of things. There is also an opportunity cost attached to lobbying, electioneering, and otherwise yelling from street corners.

A healthier and more fulfilling approach is to maximize capital formation by:

1. Developing a career in a specialized field that you love and creates real value
- Not being a political operative
- Not joining a multi-level marketing scheme
- Not becoming an academic

2. Saving as much of your income as possible and insuring yourself, loved ones, and property

3. Investing in innovative entrepreneurship, whether it’s within the company you work at, on your own, or with partners

This approach results in personal prosperity, an increase in society’s capital stock, technological progress, and accelerates the inevitable demise of governmental monopolies. Most importantly, it frees you from having to impose your acrimonious political opinions on relatives during the holiday season.

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