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I am a bone idol.
I am a bone idol.

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There's an Indiegogo campaign to help fund #HenryRoscoe a #Noir comic book I'm running a campaign on Indiegogo.

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COMIC: Henry Roscoe [Vol. 1] - Detective, Sort of
A few years back I was fortunate enough to get paid to write a TV pilot.  The premise?  A hard-drinking, pub quiz enthusiast finds himself out of his depth when he becomes a Private Detective in order to keep up with the mortgage.  After a couple of years i...

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Film: What Sets Nolan's Batman Films Apart In Superhero Cinema
Back in August, we posted a review of the "Ultimate Edition" of Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice , and it's fair to say we were probably more enthusiastic than most about the project. Reviews for Zack Snyder's much-publicized film were so-so in the large...

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BOOK: Celebrate World Batman Day!
Celebrate World Batman Day with a FREE copy of Heroes of Hollywood Boulevard .  Click [ here ] if you're picking it up from the U.K. and [ here ] for U.S. peeps.  We're also dropping mega discount on the paperback, so do some good.  Kill a tree and pay a st...

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COMIC: Batman - 2016 [Vol. 1]
Tom King steps into the biggest shoes in comics as he takes over from Scott Snyder on the (now fortnightly) Batman book.  With Geoff Johns' Rebirth laying down some epic story pipe you'd be forgiven for thinking the world's greatest detective would be diggi...

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COMIC: Wild Dog [1987]
Max Allan Collins' Wild Dog is the definition of a secret origin story.  Across this four-part miniseries we're treated to the vigilante exploits of Wild Dog, and pointed towards several individuals who could be the man behind the hockey mask.  Though the r...

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FILM: Batman vs Robin
Bats got killer dance moves Batman vs Robin  powers on to the small screen with some serious pedigree behind it.  Not only does it have Jay Oliva ( The Dark Knight Returns Part I & II ), but borrows extremely heavily from Grant Morrison and Scott Snyder's r...

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COMIC: Power Girl - A New Beginning
Your teeth may be on the floor but my eyes are still up here! Anyone who says "DC take themselves too seriously, man." have never picked up an issue of Power Girl.   Having re-established herself in New York; Karen Starr aka Kara Zor-El (Earth 2), aka Power...

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COMIC: Sex Criminals [Vol. 2]
Friend-Face has no chill. Volume 2 of Sex Criminals  had a lot to live up to and though it has a very different feel, it's the same ol' brilliant book.  Matt Fraction ( ODY-C , Hawkeye ) and Chip Zdarsky ( Howard the Duck ) explore the larger universe of th...

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Back in the late 90s, Kevin Smith had a meeting at Warner Bros who wanted him to write a sequel to  Beetlejuice ... but when they mentioned Superman he hit a geek boner and set into motion a story that has gone down in infamy. Smith poured his heart into a ...
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