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David Levy
Works at LASTAR, INC.
Attended University of Hartford
Lived in Shenzhen, China


David Levy

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I like this approach to hiring! Probably worth a try.

David Levy

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It's just too bad he didn't die before we all had to deal with "moonies".

David Levy

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China, Manufacturing, etc.
HERE'S WHAT YOU SHOULD DO ABOUT IT. I'm often asked by foreign factory managers in China how I would handle the various difficult situations that might arise; fake resumes (fire the perpetrator), viol...

David Levy

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Note that the (translated) name of group planning these meetings is "Union of Communities for the Purity of the Camp".

Great idea-- let's all rally for the purity of our communities! Where we heard this type of rhetoric before?

And these are the very same communities who's leaders maintained a kind of "purity" by covering up child-molestation and bullying child-rape victims to into shutting up, lest the "outside world" of crime investigation pollute their blessed and holy community.

The internet can be challenging for many communities, as it's inclusive rather than exclusive, and inclusion means community members have access to all sorts negative inputs (some of which are evil). I get it, and addressing this in some way may make sense. But this group, rather than obsess about how to keep the outside world (and CSI) out of their communities, should be working to address their most obvious and pressing issue: the need to better integrate with civil society in an increasingly connected and tolerant world. After that, they should tackle some sartorial issues.
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For background, read the NY Times article about a Brooklyn prosecutor who is trying to combat child-rape witness intimidation.

A quote from that article is chilling:

[“The level of intimidation is not found nearly as much in organized crime,” he said. “It’s extraordinary just how relentless these people can be.”

“There is no concern for the victim in parts of these communities,” he added. “Everything is for the abuser, and that’s the horrible thing that we have to deal with.”

It was a shift in tone for Mr. Hynes, who in the past has praised ultra-Orthodox Jewish leaders for helping to fight crime in their neighborhoods.]

I maintain, these communities have a lot more to worry about than the unholy internet.

David Levy

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People who count on China's economic demise are probably underestimating the resources which the Chinese government has on-hand to mitigate problems and avert disaster.
Will China hit a (great) wall? Don’t bet on it

David Levy

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Here's the strange part of this story. From the WSJ article:
"The agency, known as the FSB, also alleged he had been carrying a Russian-language recruitment note explaining how to set up a secure Gmail account..."

So the the American spies use "secure" Gmail? Even after David Pataeus got caught?


David Levy

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Gordon Chang reads a bit like pornography for those frustrated China-watchers who are hot & bothered to see China fail, and fail spectacularly. As usual, he downplays the financial and political power to the central government to mitigate problems in the economy. 

And look at the naïveté of this passage:
"It’s hard to see how manufacturing will recover soon.  Manufactured goods are stockpiled at record highs across China.  “My supplier’s inventory is huge because he cannot cut production—he doesn’t want to miss out on sales when the demand comes back,” said Wu Weiqing to the New York Times.

Perhaps that explanation makes sense, but it’s far more likely that Wu’s supplier, which makes sinks and faucets, had been told by the local government to keep production lines going no matter what. "
So he really thinks that in the China of  2012, the local governments tell us manufacturers how much to produce, and to disregard market demand.


And he seems to know that his explanation of why Mr. Wu's supplier is keeping so much stock is more likely true than Mr. Wu's explanation.

Really?  How does he know that his explanation-- based on pure supposition-- is the more likely one? 

I don't pretend to know the future of China's economy. I'm pretty sure Chang doesn't know any better than I do.
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I will only read his writings again after China has collapsed.

David Levy

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Akin's biggest problem was not "using the wrong words". It wasn't just a gaffe.  

David Levy

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I used to really dislike the Dalai Lama. Then I learned more about him, and learned to hate him outright. Now I just hate the media and actors who seem to promote him unquestioningly.
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This guy must have a 99% popularity rating in France. The image of the small potato crushed by the Evil Empire: it works!

David Levy

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New post on China Manufacturing
Lots of experts are still talking about how manufacturers in China, faced with rising labor and other manufacturing costs, might preserve their competitiveness and profitability. Here's rundown on...
Modern, ethical & highly-effective change leadership supporting manufacturing & product development in China
David left the USA for Taiwan and China in 1987. After more than 10 years in Taiwan working in business intelligence, international trade and quality consulting, he fell into a China-based position requiring a significant manufacturing turnaround in 2000.

The first Chinese manufacturing operation that he turned-around went through several transformations. First as a non-productive, unmanaged tenant in squalor, to a functioning plant with greatly improved output, to an ISO certified facility, to a LEAN/JIT manufacturing operation led almost entirely by local talent.

His second turnaround produced similar results. David has found a personal formula that brings the value out of a Chinese manufacturing operation where others were prepared to shut the operation down.
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Successful turn-around leadership for China-based factories
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    1980 - 1984
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    Marketing Manager, 1988 - 1992
    FBR is an Australian-owned trade-consultancy operating in headquartered in Taipei and operating throughout Asia. It offered custom-designed corporate credit reports and trade-consultancy services.
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