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David Lehmann

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Awesome — happening in October of 2016
A coalition of Swiss robotics labs has announced the Cybathlon, the first-ever international competition for athletes who use prosthetics and other aids, will be held in October of 2016. The...
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David Lehmann

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Fri, March 14, 6:00 PM GMT+1
A look back at 2013

Do you remember our post back in February of 2013[1], where we outlined our plans for the year to come? It seems like our goals were reached.

Not only did we spread the word about #golang , but the results are obvious when looking at the sheer numbers: According to the semi-official list of Golang Meetup Groups[2], we are now the 4th largest Go User Group world-wide.

At the DevFest Berlin 2013[3], we gave our first Beginner's Course and saw a surprising amount of Go programs being shown at the Hackathon on the last day. We'd like to think that a few Gophers were born on that weekend.

Our informal meetups were very well received and have been an incubator for many side projects which have later been presented at one of our meetups. Our formal events with in-depth talks and guest speakers from different companies and countries have been growing as well.

Our biggest meetup on 2012 was when +Andrew Gerrand visited us with 34 Gophers attending. In 2013, Andrew visited us again and drew in 75 attendees. A new record.

Let's see if we can get even bigger. 

#gdg  #2013 

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David Lehmann

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sieht aus, als könnte man mit dem bot gut katzen ärgern.
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David Lehmann

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Yay! Just attended the constituent meeting of +Cyborgs e.V.i.Gr. at +c-base spacestation, a non-profit organization that aims for cyborg rights and critical dialogues regarding cyborgism and related topics.
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+Stefan Hoth I'm Ten of Thirteen on the founders list ;)
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David Lehmann

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spring has arrived and we better welcome it or it might leave just as quickly. That's why we decided to do a sauf up in April.

Our last meetup was very well received, especially our discussion at the end about migrating to Go and how to convince your DevOps. Who says we can't do that over a glass of the drink of your choice?

Since we will be making reservations at the bar, please try to make your RSVP reliable.

Looking forward to seeing you all,

the organizers.

Please RSVP here:
Spring Sauf Up
Fri, April 11, 7:00 PM GMT+2

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David Lehmann

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+GDG Berlin Golang will be even more exciting in 2014 :)
Our plans for 2014

To be honest: Our goals haven't changed.

We still want to grow. We want to explore the versatility of Go and invite speakers with new and uncommon use-cases for Go.

+Felix Geisendoerfer showed us one of these uncommon use-cases at our last meetup, where he wrote the firmware for a Parrot AR Drone in Go. We need more of that.

Our learning framework Pixelpixel will be developed further and additional Beginner's Events are planned.

We work hard to keep up with our monthly schedule and enjoy having both formal and informal meetups.

Since the last year, Go has been picked up and put to use by big and well-known companies. We don't think we have seen the end just yet and will try to invite speakers to talk about the newest thing with  #golang .

#gdg  #2014
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David Lehmann

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The Elder Gopher
Tue, February 4, 7:00 PM GMT+1

David Lehmann

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The 65-Foot (20m) Snow Corridor in Japan
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David Lehmann

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A new CPU architecture, the first one in a while. This is fascinating stuff and could disrupt the boring x86 vs. ARM game.
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