Disappointing but not entirely surprising given some fo the things Google has done before. Anywho word to android users who actually make use of their phones as mobile hotspots.
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Google will now be tracking your wireless access point unless you append “_nomap” to the SSID. This sounds like a Facebook tactic to me!

From the Google Blog...

"We’re introducing a method that lets you opt out of having your wireless access point included in the Google Location Server. To opt out, visit your access point’s settings and change the wireless network name (or SSID) so that it ends with “_nomap.” For example, if your SSID is “Network,” you’d need to change it to “Network_nomap.”

Don't make it sound like your doing me a favor. "Introducing a method to let me opt out"? How about you don't opt me in in the first place? How many people will even know to change their SSID? I guess this will be the next thing I spend time showing people I care about how to do!
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