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Hi all.
I'm looking for recommendations on a good book to learn cycles rendering and materials creation with.


Woohoohoo! Long time no post.

I might be gaining a local group of players here soon.
I plan on giving them the option of deciding the genre of the game but I plan on pitching a Venture City game to them as well.

My question though is...
My group as of right now seems to be made of teens who know little to nothing about fate or rpgs in general. So... For those of you who have ran fate games for total newbies, can you point me in the direction of any tips and tricks you used? Just looking for a bit of guidance I guess.

Any help is always appreciated.

So I just read the entry for the Oni of Takamagahara.
Is there a reason to have a 0 shift attack? Am I missing something ruleswise?


Hah. Just got my hands on this awesome setting. I thought I'd digest it in one sitting but I see now I'm gonna have to go back over the setting details again. I love what I'm reading.

And double hah. +Mark Kowalizzinn​ loved the write up on Helatrobus and Xeenu.


So I finally got GotF. I loved the setting. Just fantastic. Ive mentioned i think before that it felt like a non-anime version of Exalted and that is in no way a detriment. I devoured the book and thoroughly fell in love with the visuals of Corso. To me the images conjured up a combination of Tsarist Russia and India.

So I worked up the following God(dess). Not really sure Im happy with the Focus but for now it will do.


I am a Weird Savior who Crafts Illusions , God of
Faith Through Temptation

Other Names
Roun (roe-uhn) – High corso
Atris (at-ris) – Low Corso (real name?)
Mirat (meer-aht) - Cryerech
Lauh (law) - Somorrah
Rolan (roe-lan) – Iron City
Orenar (or-eh-nar) - Mehergan
Osael (ah-sail) - everywhere

Inner Light: +2 to your Intellect Pool.
Distinctive Physical Quirk: You have a
unique physical aspect that is, well, bizarre.
Ideal Made Flesh. The God appears
as an extremely desirable version of whatever
gender the viewer prefers. To a viewer, this
appearance is real and “fully functional” in
every respect. Atris has no conscious control
over this appearance but receives a vague
impression of its details.

A Sense for the Weird: Sometimes—at the
GM’s discretion—weird things relating to
the supernatural or its effects on the world
seem to call out to you. You can sense them
from afar, and if you get within long range
of such a thing, you can sense whether it is
overtly dangerous or not.
Skill: You are trained in supernatural
Inability: People find you unnerving. The
difficulty of all tasks relating to pleasant
social interaction is increased by one step.

Savior Abilities (T1)

Enthrall (1 Intellect point): While talking,
you grab and keep another creature’s
attention, even if the creature can’t
understand you. For as long as you do
nothing but speak (you can’t even move),
the other creature takes no actions other
than to defend itself, even over multiple
rounds. If the creature is attacked, the effect
ends. Action.

Fast Talk (1 Intellect point): When
speaking with an intelligent creature who
can understand you and isn’t hostile,
you convince that creature to take one
reasonable action in the next round. A
reasonable action must be agreed upon by
the GM; it should not put the creature or its
allies in obvious danger or be wildly out of
character. Action.

Mental Link (1+ Intellect point): You open
a pathway to another creature’s mind via a
light touch, which allows you to transmit
thoughts and images to each other. The
mental link remains regardless of distance
and lasts for one hour. Instead of applying
Effort to decrease the difficulty of this ability,
you can extend the duration by one hour for
each level of Effort applied. Action to initiate.

Healing Touch (1 Intellect point):
With a touch, you restore 1d6 points to
one stat Pool of any creature. This ability
is a difficulty 2 Intellect task. Each time
you attempt to heal the same creature, the
task difficulty increases by one step. The
difficulty returns to 2 after that creature
rests for ten hours. Action.

Crafts Illusions

Psychedelic Abilities: If you have other
overt abilities, they take on flamboyant
visual and auditory qualities of your
choosing. This alteration changes nothing
other than the appearance of the effects.
For example, your attack might look like a
monster made of energy that assails your
foes. If you have the Stasis ability, it might
look like a tentacled beast holds the victim
in place. If you have Teleportation, it might
seem like a hole in space opens up and
swallows you.
Minor Effect Suggestion: Your illusion has
a special quality to it—perhaps an observer
sees an image of something from his past.
Major Effect Suggestion: The illusion lasts
for one hour, or if it already lasts that long,
it lasts for twenty-four hours.

Tier 1: Minor Illusion (1 Intellect point): You
create a single image of a creature or object
within immediate range. The image must
fit within a 10-foot (3 m) cube. The image
can move (for example, you could make
the illusion of a person walk or attack), but
it can’t leave the area defined by the cube.
The illusion includes sound but not smell.
It lasts for ten minutes, but if you want to
change the original illusion significantly—
such as making a creature appear to be
wounded—you must concentrate on
it again (though doing so doesn’t cost
additional Intellect points). If you move
beyond immediate range of the cube, the
illusion vanishes. Action to create; action to


The young human known in Low Corso as Atris is an enigma to even its closest friends and lovers. Appearing as the ideal form of whatever gender a viewer desires most, Atris has led an interesting and hedonistic early life that would make many of the most debauched Cryseran lift a pale brow.
Born in poverty, Atris has no memories of life until about the age of 12 when it was taken off the streets by an elderly Corso Noble to serve as a surrogate child for the Noble and his wife. Given the name Roun, and being treated with the utmost love and kindness the Nobles taught the young human, who was already jaded, that even the dark lives of Corso citizens still held a small amount of hope and faith, and were still worthy of compassion and care.
When the Nobles died, the now 16 year old Atris kept the name Roun and used a generous portion of the inheritance to bury the elderly couple with pre-Fall ceremony. Shortly thereafter the dreams began and Atris abandoned the noble life, leaving the estates to the groundskeeper and his family and returning to Low Corso.
Plagued now with weird dreams of past debaucheries, scenes where multitudes of the poor and homeless are chanting its name and a black empty void within which spins a burning ring of fire, Atris despises sleep and fights it as long as possible, often dropping into exhausted coma like periods. This has left Atris appearing frail and vulnerable, an illusion which the young human cultivates and uses to its advantage.
Now, appearing to be about the age of 20, Atris operates a small cafe and parlor near a main road bridging Low and High Corso. The cafe entertains many Nobles and all are cautioned that the homeless are as welcomed at the tables as the wealthy. The dreams have become near permanent fixtures of Atris' sleep and the young human now goes days and weeks without sleep. Its close allies and friends fear something awful will soon happen to their weird, young friend.

#inkscapetrunk   #bugreport  

How do I go about making a bug report for inkscape trunk?

Im using the latest build 1:0.91.0+devel+14995+76~ubuntu16.10.1 (or the .92pre1 build if you like) and Im experiencing issues with the power stroke live effect.

Applying the power stroke effect to a 2 node path works fine. Adding a 3rd node works also. However adding a 4th node (or applying the live effect to a path with 4 or more nodes) causes the path to become editable. Attempting to select the nodes and do anything with them causes Inkscape to lock up the entire operating system (in this case linux).

I should add, I can ctrl+esc to bring up the system monitor, use tab and alt+e to kill Inkscape and then the os goes right back to working just fine.

For anyone experiencing a segmentation fault in krita 3.0 appimage on Linux try going to Settings > Configure Krita and under Performance section disable "Performance Logging"


Seriously? Was I? I swear I saw a post in the group from last week concerning a new MCG product detailing two new character Types....and now for the life of me I cant find anything it?

Have the new vector tools been released to the public yet? are they in the appimages on the kickstarter page??

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Skeletons In Mr. Tesla's closet? Perhaps Edison wasnt the only one to tinker with the Odic Field.....
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