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David LeBlanc
Went to into business for myself, discovering a whole life. I build websites and get my SEO geek on for small businesses.
Went to into business for myself, discovering a whole life. I build websites and get my SEO geek on for small businesses.

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Teaching women not to be sexually abusive.

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Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore Lead Nation in Population Loss

Why are cities run by Democrats such awful places to live?

Maricopa County in Arizona gained the most people. Harris County was second. Bexar and Dallas counties were in the top 10 counties to gain population. Three out of 10 ain't bad and the nation is judging the Texas way of running things is working better. 

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John McCain: Rand Paul ‘Is Now Working for Vladimir Putin’

McCain is losing it.

As the years progressed from 2008, I realized McCain is a real lightweight. He was never a maverick, just a mean spirited opportunist. Now he's gone round the bend completely.

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Gotta try this.
Chinese Orange Chicken
The only recipe you need to create extra crispy chicken without deep-frying, along with a scrumptious orange sauce that’s way better than takeout. And, it’s gluten-free.
Recipe => 

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Oh, I really want this.

But Jack LaLanne's warning the sugar is poison is ricocheting in my head. 

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I have to order the soap and the aftershave.


Damn fine shave with TTFFC's "For Flint".

Brush: Henri et Victoria "Karma"
Razor: Rockwell 6S (#2 plate)
Blade: Astra Blue
Soap: Through The Fire Fine Craft "For Flint"
Post: Through the Fire Fine Craft "For Flint"
Frag: Christian Dior "Bois d'Argent" sample


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Hmm: Obama Officials Set Up Jeff Sessions’ Meeting With the Russian Ambassador.

Suspicious sort that I am, I think Sessions was set up a long time ago for this. Yes, I could be wrong, but with the "Obama shadow government" kicking into high gear, I think we will hearing lots of stories like this.

The whole Sessions/Russian brouhaha is coming to an end as a big nothing.

#russianconspiracies #obamashadowgovernment #desperatedemocrats 

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Photo contradicts Pelosi's statement about not meeting Kislyak
The Democratic House leader sat with the Russian ambassador and other officials in 2010.

Wow, can you believe it? Nancy Pelosi lied.

Okay, lie is such a harsh word. Let's call promoted an untruth. Or she her memory is failing her.

#nancypelosilied #nancypelosidementia. #lied #dementia #meetingrussianambassador

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She had to know that this was coming soon or later. Today may me the day this whole Sessions' incident starts to crumble. 

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Graham Touts Amnesty to Father Whose Son Killed by Illegal

Senator Graham of the party of Deep State Stupid and it extends to more than just a clumsy attempt to justify his immigration policies, and McCain is no better.

I admire the father for not beating the snot out Graham.

#illegalimmigration #deportation #SenatorGraham #SsenatorMcCain #nationbuilding #partyofstupid

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