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David Lazarus
Artist, scientist, philosopher, musician, realist, truth seeker, and spiritualist. 😊
Artist, scientist, philosopher, musician, realist, truth seeker, and spiritualist. 😊

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Which of these three Genesis songs would you like to hear me read?

White Mountain


Can-Utility and the Coastliners
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White Mountain
Can-Utility and the Coastliners

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Scientists discover that 2D materials such as graphene can exhibit intrinsic ferromagnetism

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Yes, let's rape the forests and suck mother Earth dry by reversing previous designations of public land and national monuments

Making more money is what counts, right? WTF is wrong with this president? Wait. Don't answer that. Instead, let's just end his presidency! 

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Please help my good friend, Darren Lucas, play live music for a great cause!

We all say that cancer can't happen to us. We'll never get it. I can tell you that I am very susceptible to skin cancer. I've had several pre-cancerous moles removed over the past ten years.

We lost two of prog rock's greatest musicians to cancer in the past six months alone. Greg Lake died on December 8, 2016 and John Wetton died on January 31, 2017.

More recently, I lost a great friend, Dr Lewis E Graham, to a fast acting inoperable brain tumor on March 9, 2017.

Please give what you can so that Darren's family can spread a little happiness into their community through music. 

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Let me be clear... ETs will NEVER launch an "Independence Day" style invasion against humanity!

Therefore, you can be 100% certain that an "invasion" like that is a false flag event perpetrated by humans.

How do I know this?

1) The ETs are already here and (some) have been for hundreds of thousands of years.

2) They are already doing what they want with us.

3) The ones with motherships the size of Manhattan (or even much larger) are so advanced that they would not risk losing any of their own if they wanted to wipe out humanity.

So, again, any sort of "invasion" that involves what appears to be large ET crafts is 100% a false flag and is being perpetrated by the elite. 

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Tell our sick, delusional leadership and the mainstream media that war is NOT beautiful!

Please sign this petition!

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Boycott the Avatar franchise!

I was thinking "Wow! This is Roger Dean's magnum opus!" the entire time I was watching the 2009 movie. Then, I get to the credits and there's not a single mention of Roger Dean... Not even as an inspiration! I don't give a flying flip what James Cameron says, he blatantly used way too many of Dean's works as blueprints for the film's visuals! It's obvious to anyone with half a brain!

Look at all of these works by Roger Dean and tell me that Avatar's look and feel was merely inspired by it.

Dumbass judge dismissed Dean's lawsuit!

Cameron is a smug jackass! I hope he chokes on his wealth! 

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I stand with these psychiatrists in stating that Trump is psychologically unfit to be president
Via +Jacques Dupuis

This isn't about being Democrat or Republican; for which I am neither. This isn't about butt-hurt over Hillary not winning the election. I didn't vote for Hillary. This isn't about Bernie being screwed by the DNC.

This is about a man, Donald Trump, who has been consistently delusional.

"“Worse than just being a liar or a narcissist, in addition he is paranoid, delusional and grandiose thinking and he proved that to the country the first day he was President. If Donald Trump really believes he had the largest crowd size in history, that’s delusional,” he added."


And let's not forget that Trump bragged to President Xi Jinping of China about firing 59 missiles at Syria (he even mistakenly said "Iraq" before quickly being corrected) over dessert at their meeting in Palm Beach!

"The claims made in the conference have drawn criticism from some in the psychiatric establishment, who say they violate the American Psychiatric Association’s “Goldwater rule,” which states psychiatrists are not to give professional opinions on people they have not personally examined."

Please! Save me from this politically correct BS! As I said under +Jacques Dupuis​'s post on the topic, professionals who have spent decades doing psychological profiling can spot people with serious mental issues by merely observing their behavior. For instance, does anyone remember the name, Rodney Alcala? He appeared on the show The Dating Game in the late 70s. I guarantee you that none of those 35 psychiatrists would have a problem identifying Alcala as a likely sociopath by merely watching the episode of The Dating Game ( and observing his behavior. BTW, Rodney Alcala turned out to be a serial killer.

Please sign this petition.

Let's get Trump out of office before his delusions start WWIII in earnest. 

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Is British Prime Minister Theresa May a progressive thinker in a time of great changes?

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Keith Emerson committed suicide?

This is honestly the first I've heard of this. Is this a real case of the Mandela Effect or did I just not ever know the real cause of death? If this is really true, I am quite saddened by this news. Keith was a prog rock god!

A related LA Weekly article on the topic of repetitive strain injuries.
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