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David Lawrence
I work in international development. Mostly, I write.
I work in international development. Mostly, I write.

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This is fascinating, and not just because it shows life in the Russian empire over 100 years ago. The process of creating color photographs at that time is also amazing. With Photoshop, the author recreated these images. Read the article to find out how.

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I'm enjoying Todoist for managing my task list. They gave one month of premium for free so I can play with it more. I've been much more productive since.

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Well, how cool is that?
This is posted at a bathroom at a Kroger in Athens, GA which isn't very far from the NC state line.

Suck it NC, this is how it's done.

I'll be sure to shop a lot at Kroger in the future, more than I do know, even though it is completely out of my way in my own town. My parents are already loyal customers, including buying their gas there too. 

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Ukraine's leaders, now in power because of Maidan, dishonor the memory of these victims.

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