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David Landry

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Great job, not as Kawaii as Su-Metal :-)

You did a great job, but seeing the effort required to sing it just makes me appreciate all the more the seemingly effortless singing from Su-Metal.

I liked your music interpretation as well ... Babymetal should consider using more traditional Japanese instruments in their music, adds that extra bit of freshness (to my western ears anyway.)
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David Landry

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Politicians need to hear from you on anti-privacy Bill C-51. Speak out now at
This is nuts. Tell Stephen Harper to pass pro-privacy legislation and end government spying on Canadians NOW.
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A new way to experience #babymetal

Lyric translation, including side by side with 'romaji'.

Also lots of commentary on Japanese idiosyncrasies relating to the songs and Japanese Metal.

Singles and Coupling Tunes * Doki Doki * Morning   (2011 Oct. 24th / 2011 Apr. 27th) * IINE!   (2012 Mar. 7th)    * Kimi to Anime ga Mitai - Answer for Animation With You (cover of KIBA of AKIBA) * Headbangeeeeerrrrr!!!!!   (...
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David Landry

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Leaked Sony emails show MPAA was planning on (or was already) fighting the crime of watching a movie illegally by bribing elected officials.

Fighting minor crime by committing major crime for fun and profit!
Sony hack reveals MPAA plot to destroy Google

The depths of corruption in government are exceeded only by the corruption in corporations.

... it appears the MPAA and the major Hollywood studios directly funded various state Attorneys General in their efforts to attack and shame Google....
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Steve R
And this surprises no one. 
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David Landry

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Looks interesting. It's a new way to look at email, but seems to be more focused on Enterprises (vs consumers.)

Some of the presenters have some interesting takes on the new way to look at  'email'.

Full disclosure, I am an IBMer, but I have no direct connection to the 'IBM Verse' product, nor do I seem to have any special 'inroad' to being a 'early adapter' either :-) 

I do like the implied corporate direction presented by the speakers. 
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I think it's a bit early to cast judgement on what could be the first big step in email in 20 years or so. It's best we let the public decide when the Freemium version comes out in Q1.  People work in teams outside of work for fun, hobbies, volunteering, etc. I see this having HUGE appeal in the consumer market. Email was designed before social/web 2.0 technologies, so really this is the first ever email redesigned that is also integrated with the market leading business social platform and ecosystem called IBM Connections. If even a watered down version of IBM Verse is given to the world, it will be a huge improvement over today's free email systems. I don' t think people realize how big a deal this is going to be. Time will tell, but as Mo Phat says below, let's make sure the world knows about it and gives it a try!:
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#babymetal Su-Metal kicking some ballad ass.

From Black Night Legend concert (a MUST SEE concert for any fan.)

This kid is going is going to be famous I tell you ;-)
Dailymotion International - Playlist BABYMETAL (Black Night)
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David Landry

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Hi. This is the translation of Su-metal interview on Hedoban Vol.3, published at March 18, 2014. The exact interview date is not available,...
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David Landry

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Any Toronto Babymetal fans? Ticket sales start in three days (earlier if you're a VIP type.)
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Going to Chicago
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David Landry

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 Better than giving it to a politician.
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David Landry

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War criminals are people terrorists too.
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This was really disturbing read. 
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David Landry

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FYI Linux AV artists
AV Linux 6.0.4 'Diehard' Released!
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32 bit only.  very stable.  more so than ubuntu.  I use it here on a low powered machine to host 4 presonus 2626 and then net jack them out to all of my other pcs.  this works great for me .  lots of old but great hardware that is no longer supported with drivers in windows can still be used even with win 10 via netjack.  Yea i know but there are lots of vst that just wont run in carla festige or airwave.  To me its about using all the tools in the tool box not just one wrench
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