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Making websites earn value
Making websites earn value

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"Live chat speaks to the user in that micro-moment and, in doing so, often has the effect of more easily converting passive visitors into immediate contacts. Because of the prevalence of the "chat with me" or "contact me" button, the user never has to look far to initiate that contact in their moment of need."

Are YOU using Live Chat to connect with YOUR website visitors in their moments of need?

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Playing the long game - client relationships and strategies over time

One of the smartest things that we've done as a company has been to get our clients focused on change over time, moving away from instant gratification (or at least downplaying it), and instead focusing on continued sustainable growth.

But even we get tunnel vision from time to time, working in week-to-week or month-to-month numbers and 3-month trends.

So it's always nice when you step back with a client that you've been working with for a long time and are able to show a year over year comparison.

Organic search: 82% growth
Organic social: 514% growth
Goal completions: 156% growth

We all need to work on looking up from our feet and instead (occasionally) looking out towards the horizon.


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Pretty amazing stuff

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Much ado about nothing? (Google Posts)

So last week Google ads the new Google Posts functionality through +Google Small Business. As discussed in my blog post (, this ads the ability for companies to post events, specials, etc directly into their knowledge panel or +Google Maps displays.

I was excited.

Well... the image below is just one of many examples of the results I've seen across the board for the many businesses we assist. This was added the same day that the functionality was made public, and in the 5+ days since it has received over 7,000 views. And a measly 3 engagements.

That's.... pathetic.

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When people decry a corrupt government, other people roll their eyes because they can't see the effects impacting them in a direct sense

So here's an example where a corrupt US government will poison people and harm children's brains. And this isn't hyperbole.

This pesticide was banned after scientific evidence that even in amounts could harm the development of children's brains. Trace amounts are already found in 87% of umbilical-cord blood samples.

Dow Chemical gave $1 million to underwrite Trump's inaugural festivities. Their CEO now heads the White House manufacturing working group and received a signing pen when Trump created the task force to roll back government regulations. The CEO and other executives met with the head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), tasked with protecting the environment, a few weeks before his agency announced they were going to roll back the ban on this chemical.

The law requires EPA to ensure that pesticides used on food in the United States are safe for human consumption, and yet when pressed at a congressional hearing on this chemical's safety and to provide proof, the head of the EPA could only speak towards its usefulness for agribusiness and provided trade group talking points. The bar was set for proof of safety, they could provide none.

This is what a government, bought and sold, looks like, and how it impacts each and every one of us - By enabling companies to literally poison us, in exchange for campaign contributions.

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Early morning cherry picking before the birds get them all! 

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This morning and the sour cherry tree. Need to start picking them before the birds steal them all. 

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Sad but optimistic? 

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How do you get your most important information to your potential customers, directly in the SERP or Map interface?

By using through newly released "Posts" feature within Google My Business. Just released by +Google Small Business​ and +Google Maps​

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Google now gives you the ability to easily promote in the SERP as well as Maps displays

This was on my radar, and then I completely forgot about it until I saw the post from +Joy Hawkins announcing its launch. And for my restaurant clients, and many other small and local businesses, this could be a huge deal as it gives them a way to promote their specials, events, and more directly into the knowledge panel, as well as the display of the business in Google Maps.

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