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~Dissolve Kidney Stones Naturally~

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-Many people suffer from having kidney stones or experience severe pain in the area of the bladder. There are several quite efficient and natural treatments. Click on the link above.
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What Captain America has to say about the NSA

What is patriotism? Is it doing what the government says, or is it doing what you believe is true to the Constitution and American values? "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" – currently the No. 1 movie in the country – comes down on the latter side, wrapping its message in a red, white, and blue action-packed candy shell.

Unfrozen WWII super-soldier Steve Rogers – a.k.a. Captain America – works for SHIELD, which is basically the CIA plus Navy SEAL Team Six plus the NSA times a thousand. At first, the movie seems to be only a commentary on targeted killing. And it is that, featuring a set of enormous SHIELD military drones called "helicarriers," which prompt an exchange between Cap and SHIELD boss Nick Fury.

"We're gonna neutralize a lot of threats before they even happen."

"I thought the punishment usually came after the crime," Cap replies, recalling the Obama administration's elastic definition of the word "imminent" in its legal justification for putting people on the real-world kill list.

"SHIELD takes the world as it is, not as we'd like it to be," Fury says, echoing Dick Cheney's defense of over-the-line counterterrorism tactics.

"This isn't freedom – this is fear," Cap declares.

What later becomes apparent is that the movie is also about dragnet surveillance, revealed in the way that targets are selected for death under the secret helicarrier program, Project Insight. The methodology is explained in the confession of one of the bad guys:

"The 21st century is a digital book. … Your bank records, medical histories, voting patterns, emails, phone calls, your damn SAT scores! [The] algorithm evaluates people's past to predict their future. … Then the Insight helicarriers scratch people off the list – a few million at a time."

It turns out that SHIELD has been infiltrated by a group called Hydra, which was founded by Nazis during World War II. "Hydra was founded on the belief that humanity could not be trusted with its own freedom," explains a Hydra leader to Captain America in the classic movie-villain move of explaining everything to the hero because the hero is doomed (but then of course the hero ends up somehow narrowly escaping certain death).

"What we did not realize is that if you try to take that freedom, they resist. The war taught us much. Humanity needed to surrender its freedom willingly."

So Hydra started secretly sowing international chaos and violence until, as another Hydra baddie puts it, "The world is finally ready to give up their freedom for security."

As you might guess, Cap is not down with that, and he thwarts their sinister plans by going up against the corrupted SHIELD leadership. As he says in this comic book panel while holding an American flag, "I'm loyal to nothing… except the dream."

The movie's co-director, Joe Russo, told Mother Jones that he did set out to make a "political" film drawing on "civil liberties issues, drone strikes, the president's kill list, preemptive technology." The movie was already filming when Edward Snowden's leaks first came out, so the surveillance aspect was not an overt reference to his revelations.

"It was all leading up to Snowden," Russo said. "It was all in the ether, it was all part of the zeitgeist."

And mirroring real life, a secretive agency went too far pursuing security at the expense of liberty, undermining the very values that the government is meant to protect.
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But obama supporters say I am.
Nobody is born racist
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David Kokua

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Hippie Butter is seeking Qualified Investors who love hemp's health and eco-benefits and want to join us in building our Hempire.
Click Here:
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Day five of my #fivedayquest  
My secret weapon, everyday. Heated Organic Coconut milk with Turmeric and Ginger.  
Only second to coffee, it's part of my daily life. I started drinking it about three years ago and I have not been on any antibiotics since.  I also became vegan which I'm sure has something to do with it. But, I think it's important to try and be as healthy as possible. We only get one shot at this thing called life. :)

I'm tagging +Kimberly Brink-Castleberry to join in on the #fivedayquest  :)
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Modern viking wear.
Logan Riese Leather jacket with skulls and cross by ~loganriese on deviantART. This is one of the most incredible leather-work pieces I think I've ever seen. WOW.
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Best yet i seen 
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Shout out to all of you who spent the day without loved ones and or missed them.

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$50 vs a myoelectric hand that costs $42,000. As long as he gets the same or better performance from the 3D printed hand it's a no brainer.
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Aaaaaand... happy easter.
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But font they make really good wine? 
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This account and posts within it are for entertainment and informational purposes only!

I am a Proud Husband, a Father, an American and a true Tech Enthusiast (31337 G33k).

I have a strong left leaning passion for Civil Rights, Human Rights, Freedom of Speech, Liberty and Privacy.  (Most of which are sadly and  absolutely eroding into extinction.)

Show or describe to me something that is a negative, is "wrong" or missing and I will show you how it's an opportunity and a good thing! 
To me, almost all problems are simply opportunities and chances at improving something. 
Perception is reality. I take advantage of this fact, naturally.

Heavy fan of all digital and non-digital social networking and connecting the two.
I am very happy about Google+ being what an early stage social network should be in today's technological and communication levels. 
I am excited to help in the refinement and development of fresh communication platforms.

Attracted to internet and digital communication problems! I have a powerful, experienced and refined knack for creating solutions to digital-communications problematic dna. It is a natural passion of mine. DISRUPTIVE!

Highly experienced in Digital Product Marketing with a strong 17 year background in  developing, designing, defining and delivering Digital/Mobile Technologies.   

Substantial knowledge of sales, market research, product development, and product marketing.  

Highly effective in launching/managing successful digital products in North America within the highly competitive and rapidly changing online digital industry. 

Exceedingly focused leader with the ability to motivate colleagues and generate results.

Strategic and Creative Thinker / Background in Start-Ups / Rapid Growth / High-Tech / Marketing


Great at building teams of programmers, coders, developers, script kiddies, designers and engineers for multiple stealth and public projects. (Hit me up via email with your abilities if you want something to do or if you are an Angel looking for something meaty to dig into!)

I am a problem solving reverse engineer of sorts and have been called (seriously, not joking here so don't laugh please! lol) an "innovative futurist" and am an absolute head-over-heals lover of Hawaii and all of its Aloha.
I reverse engineer to make things better *by exploring what is missing or wrong* with something. These innate abilities come from within my natural instincts of Sales, Marketing, Advertising and Branding along with my almost omniscient knowledge of past, current and future internet tech. I figure out what you (gen-pop) want/need quickly and show you how to fill that demand.

I am currently obsessed with a passion to bring a few *DISRUPTIVE* personal and social digital communication platforms to life:
Think: AfterBits
Hit me up on this email address if you are capable and intrigued to be involved in truly DISRUPTIVE projects.

I am ALWAYS looking for natural coders, programmers, developers, designers, script kiddies and all other 31337ists.


Here's to the crazy one, the misfit, the rebel, the troublemaker, the one who sees things differently.  
He is not fond of rules, and he has no respect for the status quo. 
You can disagree with him, glorify or vilify him. 
About the only thing you can't do is ignore him, because he changes things.  
He pushes the human race forward.
Some may see him as the crazy one, the wise see genius.
The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do!


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