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This weekend I went out to the plains of Colorado with intent to find abandoned homes like this, I found 9 all together along with some other interesting objects. This is still my favorite which I've shot many times before. I did considerable burning and dodging to bring the focus on the house.
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The mood and tones here are fantastic, David. This image also tells the often sad story of Colorado's Eastern Plains.

I have wanted to do this kind of exploring of the Eastern Plains, so I might need to join you one day this spring. If you have not been down Highway 71 between Limon and Ordway, you might want to add it to your list. There are some places along that highway that time has just forgotten.
I like the unreal look to it. I expect to see Dorthy and Toto coming around the corner (and the tornado, too).
This is great +David Kingham. I've been working on the same thing myself. I'm looking for some abandoned buildings out East to do some night shots with. I've been inspired by some of +Ben Canales night shots. What area did you find these in? I'm looking to head out along I-36 East of Byers. I've heard there's a lot along that highway. Now I'll have to take +Sarah Marino-Fischler's advise too and try Highway 71 :)
+David Kingham and +David Route : There is another great abandoned house on the road between Hooper and Center in the San Luis Valley - two story with lots of open space on both sides. It would be a great option for night photography. There are also a few places around the Pawnee Buttes, including one super-creepy place (it has a little too much overgrowth to be photogenic during the day but could be good for night photography). The area in far SE Colorado (in Baca County, like Walsh) has some good options too, but that is a heck of a drive (worth it if combined with Picketwire Canyonlands). Enough hijacking of David's post for one night!
+Sarah Marino-Fischler that would be awesome if you would join me, I would also be very interested in exploring the other areas you mentioned. I'm curious about the super creepy place by the buttes :)

+David Route I found these in and around the Pawnee grasslands, I put together a google map of the locations I have the map open so anyone can edit it, if you want to add locations feel free! I'm also inspired by Ben's work and have intentions of doing night photography at a lot of these houses, let me know if you want to get together to do this, the milky way will be coming out in the morning soon so I'm excited to get out there!
and thank you +Sarah Marino-Fischler for sharing this. I've always been intrigued by the stories behind these areas and would love to learn more about it. I'm glad this inspired you to get out and photograph the area, I think there is endless potential out there that has barely been touched. I look forward to talking more about this with you!
Not only does the shot itself rock but so does the idea of a map with everything geotagged for locations, I like that a lot. I am going to tag +John Sperry here in my comments real quick. John, make sure you READ all the comments here as David has started a Google map which is geotagged for abandoned farms on the eastern plains, maybe take what we already have and add to it?

There is so dang much out there it is insane. A lot really that is totally undiscovered by photographers. You get on some of those country dirt roads and it is like a gold mine. I am getting anxious to get back out there and go exploring once again.
Thanks +John De Bord ! I'm a big fan of the maps and it would be awesome if you would add more (we all win with this sharing thing hehe :-) ) I have intentions of scouting out as much as I can so when storm season rolls around I can hopefully find one of these houses near the storm and create some really unique images. I just picked up a cheap laptop to use for storm chasing and will be getting Millenicom for internet access, plus I subscribed to weathertap. So if you ever want to tag along with me I'm ready to roll.
+David Kingham did you even need to ask that damn question? LOL Of course I am ready! I am dang excited to be ready to head out there this year!
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