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2012 Perseid Meteor Shower

Last night I went out to Snowy Range in Wyoming in search of dark skies for the Perseid meteor shower. I wanted something special for the foreground and I knew the Snowies faced in the perfect direction to get this shot. I started shooting at 10pm and didn't stop until 5 am, I had to change my battery every 2 hours which made for a long night. The moon rose around 1am to light up the mountain range.

This is a composite of 23 images, 22 for the meteors/stars and 1 taken at sunrise for the foreground which was lightly blended in. I also corrected the orientation of the meteors to account for the rotation of the earth (this took forever!) Thanks to +Gary Randall for this idea!

I had a great night which was made even better because I spent it with my newly adopted dog Emmie, she was a trooper!

View larger or download wallpaper for free on my website!

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the colors in the meteor trails is awesome!
Is this a single exposure, or a combination of exposures? My guess is a single ~30 second exposure, but I'm blown away by the number of meteors in the shot! I've never seen a meteor shower, but I never imagined they would come down with such a high frequency. Great capture! Well done.
Jimmy S
Great effort, Incredible image.
+Joy Campbell most of the large bright ones were very early in the morning (4am or so) I saw many more this outside of the frame of the camera
This is a mind-blowing piece of work +David Kingham!!! Congrats and kudos for the patience in capturing and processing this. I'll now just sit back and stare at it for a while...
Indeed an awesome work that required the utmost in patience and dedication. Thanks for sharing your work with us.
I love how it really does reveal that we're crashing into this cloud of space objects.
super cool man, really well done. what a fun night. I had the same battery issues;)
I lived in Laramie for a long time - the Snowy's are great. :-)
A lot of efforts, but final result is really great. I love it.
You are truly lucky and thank you for sharing !:-)
Wow amazing shot! my goal is to one day get a shot half this good. I am a noob at star shots and last night I shot for three hours trying to get one meteor, at the end I realized my lens had fogged over from condensation and I got nothing lol.
Haha +Matt Macias I was worried about that too, usually the mountains have very low humidity and I never have to worry about it but it was 60% last night. Didn't fog over till the sun started coming up though, I could have just as easily been bummed out to see that
So excited a friend posted your work. I am in awe! Beautiful
I am so jealous of you. I live in Liverpool, England and it is full of light pollution and constantly cloudy. This is amazing. Thank you for sharing.
Great shot. Hard to believe its even Earth
Looks like the earth is making a jump to light speed.  :)
Nice! My effort last night was a bust - too much overcast. :(
Terrific composite. Meteor photos are new to me. Still learning. My primary focus is lightning photos.
Amazing pictures, I like it. Thanks for sharing!!! :)
I live in nebraska and we had cloud coverage :'( thanks for the amazing upload
Your work and patience are amazing! Thank you for taking the time to share it with the world!
David, the picture is brilliant. I salute for the effort you made to get it.
Here in the UK I rarely see this meteor shower due to the frequent cloudy conditions, even in summer. It would make a marvelous cover for a sci-fi novel or a picture in it's own right.
Absolutely incredible. Can I please give this 500 +1's somehow?
That's a masterpiece! I tried to capture some last night through tree cover but didn't end up with anything but a satellite, though I saw a lot of them. Going to go again tonight or tomorrow night if it clears up.
Another great shot, so glad that all you talented folks with clear skies are sharing these wonderful shots for those of us who are clouded out.  Thanks for sharing +David Kingham 
That's friggin awesome...  awesome photography
The beauty of this shot has me almost speechless. Between my transfixed starring and reminding myself to breathe I am able to eek out, "Wow, Amazing!"
Al Owen
I am in UK, will I be able to see this shower?
I'm just blown away. Just getting in to photography and can't imagine how much work this took. It beautiful. Thanks for sharing it. 
Wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. :)
Amazing scene.
Awesome pics!!! What type of cam/ lens and shutter speed did you use?
Indeed a spectacular shower of meteorites. Everybody should had seen it to experience how beautiful nature is
Lucky bastard! I tried last night as well and didnt get the same result. Course I was in Palos Verdes in South Bay CA and not in Wyoming. Awesome shot bud!
Beautiful work. Thanks for sharing this.
Wendy W
Its been cloudy here for weeks, and no sign of letting up. Thanks
Better than a fireworks show    :) least this is real and not put on display for a holiday :(-
Absolutly stunning image, good job
Beautiful.  What direction was this facing?  I can't pick out constellations from that gorgeous mass of stars!
wow those are amazing where did u go for those
Really nice great job and thanks for sharing your amazing photo!
Beautifully done and what an effort!  Yes, I agree, sharing moments like this in the cold with a dog would be unforgettable
that is really neat i love this photo
Totally and absolutely brilliant! Such an inspiring shot! 
Great shot, well done and well worth it, I bet.
Much better then the olympic fireworks imho!
Congratulations. You saw it in your minds eye first. GR8.
Great work:) Where was it taken?
Ok... I feel normal again, first o was thinking, this is to perfect to be real!, but, I read the description, and yh it was an awesome idea to make this photo the way you did. Good job dude.
Wonderfully Beautiful!!!! Thank You For Sharing With Us! Not A Movie
Duplication can come no where close to the REAL THING!!!!!!!
I sure miss the Snowy Range, my old stomping ground. Complete cloud cover here in KS. Great pic.
Gorgeous. I love the solitude
Congratulations ! Sooo damm incredible !! ( a lot of coincidence .. Hope it Is not mars reaction !) 
Your work is so awesome. You have captured the beauty of GODS creation so remarkably and sharing it with the world to enjoy. I myself cannot stop looking at them. Thank you!
Wow! Reminds me of a symphony, powerful and rhythmic!
That's a bit better view than from my roof.  
That is SO COOL!!!!! IT is really pretty. Good photography!!!!
Wow. This is awesomely beautiful ;). Thumbs up. 
Very beautiful. Thank you for sharing. :)
I wish I could have been!
Wow !! Beautiful work. Well done sir.
This amazing, wish i could have been out there to see it! Truly fantastic
Awesome. We went to the country to get away from city lights and saw a few good ones. Great pic.
This is fantastic.....thanks for sharing
Amazing pictures! So beautiful. 
What a willing and wonderful participant is the universe, especially when confronted with a master of the image! Great photos! Thank both of you 
Mate that's magnificent work I'm very impressed and ore struck by the beauty of these images thankyou kindly for sharing them :) 
Very beautiful!  Thanks for sharing!
////wow your determination//to the best sky show photo///hehehe
Jeff L
Wow that looks straight out of a movie! You get abducted? Lol
That is a fantastic image. Thanks for taking it!
really pretty i wish i could see something like that
That is awesome. Patience is realyly a virtie
What a spectacular shot nice job
I love the angle, and the exposure is perfect.
Spectacular...outta this world! Great pic, thank you for sharing. : )
Great shot, thank you for sharing such a beautiful scene. Thanks to your experience in photography.
Great shot!  Thanks for sharing.
absolutely wonderful..... this is what I picture in my head that it should look like!!
David, this is brilliant.. Wish I was there... Thanks for sharing friend! 
That is cool!! Stupid English weather, iT's cloudy here so can't see anything!!!
Beautiful. Thank you David.
That is unreal. Amazing work. Beautiful. Hard work pays off.
Awsome photo.looks like another World.
Very impressive David!  This is certainly the best meteor show image I have ever seen.  That one is just huge!
This is a natural sign given to us by God to keep us fascinated tat he is d BEST and anythng can happen at any time!!!!
We had a cloudy night i didnt get to see it :( great pic!
Very nice. Beautiful mother nature. 
Thank you for visualizing, planning, capturing and bringing this awesome image to us all!
What a spectacular view!! Breathtaking, bravo!
Laura D
We saw nothing =(
As an Amateur I tried going out last night needless to say it was a horrid failure lol. That being sad what would be some good resources for me to look into for taking pics of the night sky?
Awesome.  Thanks for sharing. You sure picked a great spot.
Ed Lee
great capture!
This is truly exceptional photogrpahy , you should be quite proud to prsent such dynamic work !!!
Congrats on your first Emmie win. Great composite.
Wow simply amazing and beautiful
That is an awesome pic.  Great job!
There are so many comments already that I almost didn't bother leaving another, but -DAMN! That is unbelievably beautiful!
Absolutely stunning! I'd say the work you put in was worth it. Every part of this picture is beautiful- my new wallpaper:)
Wow, looks like it's hitting the Earth! It's the end of the world!
Oh my gosh! This is AMAZING!! I hope you're a professional photographer! If you aren't then, what are you waiting for?!
Great Shot and some some absolutely masterful post production work.  Keeping growing.
not everyone get this chance.. you are very lucky...
dear, it is very beautiful pic ever i seen best wishes for yr work
This is unreal! No, I mean that in a good way. Awesome...(except that word is so overused :-) 
The composite develops a perspective not otherwise discovered in a single take. In particular this photos illustrates earth crossing through the stream of flowing meteors. Awesome.
Damn I do not see shit from Cincinnati Ohio !! 
Great adventure and a great photograph 
<----- one jealous woman :'( i waited but here in ohio it was far too cloudy :'(
East coast boy who's always loved Wyoming - great job!  :)
Now this would be considered the real fireworks! Awesome
Very beautiful picture! We spent a half hour or so laying on our front lawn here in Southern Alberta at about 11:00 to 11:30 last night. The sky was clear and it's very dark with all the lights out in the house and yard. We saw three fairly good meteorites with tails, and about eight or so smaller ones that were almost just flashes. Nevertheless it was fun!
This is beautiful.I've never known of such an awesome experience but one more thing to add on my bucket list.thank you :):)
ILing L
wow..wat a spectacular
Beautiful! Great job...thanks for sharing!
Gorgeous, and that about sums it up. Good job spending the time doing this +David Kingham . Respect!
its called colors of nature
This is one of the coolest pictures I have ever seen!!!! 
Is there an Iridium flare in there? Possibly 2?
I looked around every where. :-P. Did not get see any you lucky dog
Damn thats nice! Wish I could have seen it in Bucks County, PA but there were storm clouds
I like this picture, wish I had been there.
Very nice. You should share this on if you haven't already. Best capture of the shower that I have seen.
aria L
that looks awesome!
looks like paradise. and yes! it's paradise!!! <3
I stared at the sky till my neck hurt and never saw a single one.  Very dissapointing...
This is very beautiful, i lai out in my back yard and saw some beautiful stuff but nothing like this that must of been so incredible to see
Gorgeous! Here in Oklahoma, I had -- clouds.
Wow im sure i just saw the starship lol fly past lol lovely picture what camera do u use to take pics like that..the picture looks so crisp good work
It looks like Earth is traveling at warp speed!
This photo is so amazing its almost other worldly! L.Todd Seattle
Fantastic! I know you had great effort for taking photo,
and what planet are we on, universe whoa. :-) 
since viewing this, trying to( get ) understand all your effort,thoughts,planning, man, we LIVE ON THE GROUND FLOOR
OHHH YEEÀAAA. !!!!! Just blows me away. ; D's awesome.!! :O :)
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