Quick thought: we might not be happy with the direction our country has taken, and that's reasonable. But if we just sit back and blame the politicians we're really missing the lesson we should be learning.

It ain't their fault.

It would be nice to put the blame in a box and place it right at their feet, but it truly isn't their fault.

We, the people, voted for them and, more often than not, gave them their marching orders. Many of the laws that have caused us so much consternation were voted directly by us, many of us refuse to vote for people who would bring real change even while we clamor for something new, and many of us wouldn't even consider giving up our little piece of the pie to help see the country back to economic strength.


In Colorado, voters over a number of years approved a law that mandated increases in some expenditures and a law that required the state to control, and, under some circumstances, even ratchet back spending during rough economic times. Imagine the happy fun confusion that tends to create during a recession.

President George W. Bush was hardly a strong, economic conservative, but he had the guts to at least try to start a conversation about fixing Social Security. Not only did he not get much in the way of support from the Republican-lead congress, but seniors groups turned on him like a bunch of rabid, white, puffy-haired poodles. Even when assured that no one wanted to take away their benefits, that the goal was to make the system stronger, those groups wouldn't listen.

Spend a few minutes thinking about it and I'm sure you can start coming up with your own list of examples.

We have the government that we deserve. We need to hold ourselves accountable to make sure that we start deserving something better.
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