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Dear +Google​,
I love that right there.
Promise to never change that!
#iwanttobelieve #thetruthisoutthere #aliens 

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CASIO's first Android Wear SmartWatch is geared towards the more "outdoorsy" type.

Different manufacturers and companies coming together with Android Wear giving customers choices. 

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Information for later study

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This is fixing to go down, right now.

What the crapnage +AT&T
You decide to change my billing cycle without talking to me and drastically shorten my pay window?
Then surprised me with a sudden cut off of Service AND want a $40 reactivation fee?

This is ludicrous.
I'm not under contract, and unless we can set this right, I need to find a more respectable provider...

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NEED this so badly.
Thanks +Crucial​

+Google+​ but where did my nearby feed go on mobile app??

+Alex Hernandez​ please recommend a great and fantastic case for sammys galaxy alpha.
Its for my mom. She's older. So I need it to be not bulky (no otterbox) and stay on the device when dropped. Preferred a 'stiff ' material with a texture to help with loose grip.

What you know?
Thanks friend
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