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David Jensen
San Francisco, software engineering, craft beer, photography, tennis, Axis & Allies
San Francisco, software engineering, craft beer, photography, tennis, Axis & Allies

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Here's what happens whenever +Road Rules detects that you're driving. We display a heads-up notification so if you're driving, then you will ignore it and it automatically dismisses itself. But if you're a passenger (and maybe you're reading HN), all you need to do it press the "Passenger" button.

The "Not in Car" button is used to report false positives so that we can tune our algorithm to get better over time.


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I wrote about why we're using Node.js at +Road Rules on the Joyent blog.


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At Road Rules, Inc​ we're running a quick 7 question survey about using your phone while driving. We're going to take the feedback and use it to make our app better.

Please take a minute and answer our survey. Thanks! #distracteddriving #itcanwait 

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Way back in 2003-2005 I played #HeroClix & I’m finally selling my 1,129 figure collection:

#Marvel   #DC   #superheroes  

If anybody is looking for 1 (or more) desks in a cool co-working space in San Francisco, let me know.

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Now car hacking gets real, true fear not just "FUD." Yet, besides research, what's the motivation for a blackhat hacker here? Extortion? Extortion requires more "work" and a less clandestine approach. There are "easier" bigger targets as we've seen recently.

Yes, of course these zero-day exploits need to be fixed and hacking needs to be prevented but I'll worry about it more when cars have my credit card info and payment abilities. Furthermore, legislation is not the way to fix this and congress has proven many time over that they don't understand technology. So if the bill is crafted poorly, it could very well stifle innovation.
#connectedcars   #hacking  

After spending time w/Express.js and Restify, I’ve decided I prefer Hapi.js. It has a clean yet flexible way to handle everything. The primary downside of Hapi.js is the size of the community. It seems to be growing but it’s small compared to Express.js

#nodejs   #javascript   #expressjs   #hapijs  

If I had time, I would write a Java MQTT client with RxJava. 

How awesome would that be?

#futureprojects  #java   #rxjava   #mqtt  

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