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Dude... +Travis Smith... That email you got is literally just a notification telling you that illicit gear was in your inventory and they have/will removed it. You had no reason at all to empty out all your gear. Niantic isn't giving out bans for just having the gear. 
as an agent who has played shards now through fifteen states in the last five weeks ive existed almost exclisively on gear donations i could beg from any agent i met along the way.

when so mich time is spent driving areas you dont know and manning the shard portal or target there isnt a lot of time between hops to find farm, if it even exists.

last night niantic pushed me this email.

i have no idea which of the hundreds of agents i have met and begged gear from the last five weeks gave me something niantic did not approve of - but as soon as i got the notification there was only one thing to do.

i would never deliberately break or skirt the rules - they define the limits in which my agent identity can exist.

i did not solicit or seek items gained inappropriately, but since some found their way into my possession and i have no way of knowing what they were out of what i had left ...the only choice was to dispose of every item i was carrying.

if even one of those items was gotten illegally i do not want it. i kinda wish i knew which ones they were but since i dont, well, what else could i do?
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#MailCall thanks +Quexser​!
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+Ingress​ fix it! Add a simple comm filter to block specific websites. These same websites. Have been tormenting us for years
+Niantic​! This crap is getting worse - this is my +Ingress​ faction comm from the past hour. Coding some of this from being able to be posted in our comms is NOT rocket science, and it frustrates all of us on both sides. #tacosorbust #nocheatedgear
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I actually just stumbled across this and I'm really eager to see how this turns out. Wish I could have tried the alpha but I'll just have to wait for the beta

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...took me far too long to get the joke.
Well I shall just leave this here. #GeekyJokes at the beach.

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Thanks +Barack Obama.. the ACA was a great thing for our country. It's so sad to see so many people ignorantly hate it, it's such an important thing for us.
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That's amazing! I'm so glad we can have such wonderful things. This frog loves this art.
A very special New Year’s message from NYC

After a long debate about whether NYC owes the world an apology and even more debate about whether Eastern Queens even counts as NYC in the first place we decided to write this across midtown Manhattan. ¯\(ツ)

Thank you to everyone who participated in this New Year’s Day event either in person, in advance, or in spirit. Also a particularly special thank you to the committed NYC Enlightened agents who came out to defend midtown but stood down once they learned exactly what kind of mischief we were up to.


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GUYS You need to get on this pre-order. Go get 'em ^_^
I'll get the totals tallied sometime today, but it' sREALL close... I'd say close enough that I'm definitely getting them started. I have faith once people see them IRL I will have no worries having too many extras,,,
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