Hi all, I am new to this community. I have a community of my own and having a bit of trouble maintaining it. I hope to get some help and questions answered so that I can manage my own community better. 

Thank you 
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Are you having a hard time keeping up with the activity or a hard time encouraging participation?
I am having trouble keeping up for now. There is plenty of participation. One question is how to move posts that people have made in the wrong topic. 
There isn't a moderator feature yet. But you can look at a recent repost by +Peter G McDermott to see how he is reclassifying ongoing conversations to try and help keep things organized. I'd also recommend snagging a could of the more engaged participants and inviting them to join you as moderators. 
I like that Idea. No need to go it alone right ? :) 
Definitely grab the folks who are super-engaged and have them help moderate. One of the reasons, IMHO, that Reddit has been so successful over time is that they allowed really engaged users to create, cultivate and moderate their own communities (sub-reddits). None is moderated by a single person, all are with multiple people.
Oh, and in one community, for now when we find people posting their own content outside of the "self-promo" category, we ask them to delete and repost. We are only doing it with that category for the time being, because that's the one category where there's the greatest danger of the community turning into a spam-fest if we don't strongly moderate. But if it became a problem in the future, we'd do that with other posts - until Google makes it possible for moderators to change the categories, of course.
You can elect someone to join you as moderators for your community and share ideas.
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