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Ward A
I can tell by the thumbnail that it'll be gangam style. Let PSY do it and his crew only.
Man. As a creative professional, something like this would be like the most flattering thing imaginable. PSY rocked that shit. But if I were him, I'd be astounded by the response. 
It's actually a pretty nice school. I went there because of their particle accelerator. 
...this is the most amazing thing I have ever seen. 
For a song that just does not translate to the drum and bugle style very well, that was pretty darn well performed. Gotta love these MAC schools.

..says the Rocket alum. :)
Ward A
Lots of comments. Fuck Ohio U. Ohio State for life.
Really? That's where you're going to go with this? You just go on being you. We'll be over here at the grownups internet.
Very nice man this is a nice school :-)
Really not getting the point. I was cringing throughout.
R Fahsa
Omg this is freakin awesome :-D
That's waaay too cool. I would give anything to see that performance LIVE.
good staff 4,000,000 hits to date gangnam
good on them only 2nd county to try the town off harly davied son .
n co Milwaukee
bring it to nz stady em near bhy grate show veary funky all bells in whistles
"This one time .. at band camp ... "  
I did foresee this happening at some point a long while ago...
really!!!!!! it is nice performing!!!
I don't understand the fascination with this song. As someone above me posted, it reeks of macarena and I see it being a joke in a couple years. I suppose people are just having fun with it.
Al Odin
Really....can share some view?
I wish our marching band had been this cool when I was in school at Auburn.
Don L
Not your grandfather's marching band that's for sure.  Awesome!
You rocked it OU!!!! Thank you for posting such a fun video. I wish that network television showed the halftime shows instead of the sports commentators,I sure do miss that.:-)
Can somebody explain why this is supposed to be cool?  Just a bunch of barely coordinated fat guys jumping around.
PH Lee
South Korean singer Psy's Gangnam Style is sensational 
Had a friend there. Emailed it to me. Even before it was on youtube.
I used to play trombone when I was a kid.  Things in England are done rather differently than that.
One thing that has always impressed me about US College sport is the amount of effort that goes in supporting it.  Our pro football teams do not have matching bands/cheerleaders and if when we did it was not on this scale.  BZ
I think this is the first korean song played by marching band, doesnt it?
Wow! This HAS to be one of the best GS tributes I've seen. Go Psy !
LOL OMG!  I found new reasons why I could never have been a band member.
thats hilarious! oh gosh i would love to have been there :)
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This is very absolute entertainment - My kid and me were impressed!
As a former marching band member this was awesome.
Jay R
Wish i was here for band camp.....remember a show we did "Take 5" ahhhh music days...
gangnam style really makes people from all around the world together as ONE. cool
I love marching bands!!!!!! Wish my school had that much pep!!
Like any one understand there damn language !!
Awesome!  Marching band is the best thing about college sports!
Pretty sure that just made my life...
+David Hill I find it hard to believe that this shitty dance is the one time you are proud of your school. What an embarrassment to all of the OU alumni with that statement. I'm not saying it wasn't a cool act by the marching band. But a very ignorant statement
+Bob Royston There was a hint of sarcasm in there. You'll note in the comments I made a glowing note about the particle accelerator. 

OU is actually a great school. If you honestly think that the one time I'm proud of my school is when the marching band plays a K-Pop song, you really must not spend a whole lot of time on the internet. 
OMG!!! that's SOOO FREAKING awesome!!!
That's what I want to do when I grow up. That was truley epic!
Wassup with jealous ignorant haters up in here? Like it or not this song is a bigger hit than ANYTHING in the world right now. And this was a cool tribute. So go back to watching JB videos like a little girl.
This is one half-time show I would have stayed in my seat and watched! 
true but its all in unison its like when my school marching band did the hand jive for footloose it was amazing but this is better GO BAND
humber huskey strate 6 van 3door engish usa ?pre 50s
suzy Anderson .
what a grate epic body cut .he a good actor mite add ,the band i caint hardly be leav im hook .
Love dancing to this at clubs with beautiful, shapely gals. funny that "GANGNAM STYE FOR WORLD"
The marching band is getting it down. I'm in the marching band myself and hopefully one day my band will get there and sound as good as they are. Loving it!!!!
Being a staff member in the marchig band world and having been in a college band- I know how much work this took. Impressive and amusing!
Still say one of the most entertaining college marching bands out there. Miss going to the games and seeing them. Granted it has been like 20 years.
add me to your circle,if you like intelligent,fun,witty,positive,life changing posts
way better than my school...pretty kick ass band.
Hell ya.. go u guys! Still isnt OSU, but Illl give ya props.. that was fun as hell to watch.
now that really got me smiling from this end to that end..
Thank you for sharing it....
nice  i didnt know that many people knew about that song..i wonder who's brilliant idea was it to preform it as a marching band?