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Obama called it "the biggest, most important step we've ever taken to combat climate change."
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As usual It's just words.

"states will have more time to submit and begin implementing their plans to meet their targets — two more years, or until 2022"

So no change necessary or even a plan for change for another 7 years.

This measure could receive a 100% bi-partisan affirmative vote today and be reversed by either of the next two administrations before it even starts to be implemented.

GW will not be addressed via politics.
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The 200+ mile range electric cars due to go on sale starting in 2016 will need fast charging, a much better public fast charging network, and 100+ kW charging speed will be highly desirable.  The Kia Soul EV is already there with 100 kW CHAdeMO support.

#electriccars   #kiasoul
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Earthquake swarms in the state have been tied to wastewater injection wells associated with oil and gas drilling operations.
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Use of OpenStreetMap?  I'm familiarizing myself with OSM and see that they've defined a fairly good set of data to describe charging_station's.  Any idea who's using this ??
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We experimented with this a little on the OCM website, the POI details page also queries Yelp for places of interest nearby. Our app doesn't use that however. I've yet to find a globally relevant Places service though as it seems to vary by region as to which services have good info.
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I'm with Transition Silicon Valley - and am educating myself on OSM and had similar ideas to what you're discussing.  Basically, the Resource Mapping task in the Handbook.  Has this work progressed?
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