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Tesla's $13,000 home batteries could be leased similarly to SolarCity scheme

Tesla's home batteries has been made available to about 300 customers of SolarCity, a company in which 'Musk, Tesla’s chief executive, is both chairman and a major shareholder.

Investment analyst 'Trip Chowdhry said in an interview that he had happened to meet a couple of these customers at trade shows last year.

One of them had had the system installed for more than a year.
Chowdhry pressed them for details, and here are the basics, according to what he was able to learn:
1. The system is offered, currently, in 10 and 15 kwh configurations to solar customers who do not own electric vehicles or plug-in hybrids.

2. The battery pack costs about $13,000, and Pacific Gas & Electric offers a 50% rebate for using the system presumably because it can be used to decrease load on the grid during peak use hours.

3. Financing is set up for the customer to make an initial $1,500 payment, followed by $15 monthly payments for 10 years at the end of which the battery is returned to SolarCity.

4. Tesla has permission from customers to monitor data from the systems.

5. Tesla packages the battery pack in what Chowdhry described as an attractive cabinet, available in white or a dark color.

+Tesla Motors declined to comment for this article according to +The Guardian.

“It’s clean, it’s quiet and it looks good in the garage,” Chowdry said, adding that it sounded like a worthwhile expenditure for someone who spends $100 to $150 per month on data services for phones, computers, televisions and other devices.

“This is a speculation on our end, based on what we’ve seen on Tesla battery storage, but so far, this makes sense.”

Why install a battery system at home? Chowdhry pointed to customers relying upon constant connection with “the digital highway”, noting that it could take up to 45 minutes to re-power devices and re-set digital clocks when the power went out.

“If you are a gadget person living a digital life – you have iPhones and computers and you always want to be connected – the storage battery is a dream come true,” he said.

Like the batteries that power Tesla’s cars, the residential units are made with lithium ion cells, which the automaker plans someday to manufacture in Nevada at its so-called (and yet-to-be-built) Gigafactory.

The home battery packs would, of course, differ in arrangement from the automotive ones, which are laid out horizontally to fit beneath Tesla’s cars.

Learn more

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Bloomberg: Tesla has tested batteries for use in home and by businesses in Wal-Mart stores +

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Picture credit: +Simon Dawson/+Bloomberg
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I'd like to compare that battery price,
with a similar offering from CALB,
because I think he might be taking advantage of public ignorance.
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David Herron

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The partnership with The Conservation Fund help supply the company's virgin paper fiber.
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These charges strike me as being similar to the Microsoft allegations a few years ago.  Like Microsoft, Google is accused of using its dominance to restrict freedom of choice.  The NY Times said the EU has begun "official proceedings into whether its Android smartphone software forces phone makers to favor the company’s own services and applications" in addition to the issue of abusing its dominance in web searching.

Any website author/publisher knows that we have to do what Google wants us to do in order to rank well in Google's search engine.  Fortunately most of what Google says to do is simply good practice.  It does mean that Google's algorithms are tailoring search responses based on Google's opinion of what's appropriate, or inappropriate.

It's clear looking at search results that Google does preference their services.  For example - for some inscrutable reason, Google+ postings frequently end up in my search results when Twitter or Facebook postings rarely do.  

On the one hand - Google is a business and we as customers have the right to choose which business we want to associate ourselves with.

But - Google is in an extremely dominant position in providing search service to us, and in delivering visitors to websites, and in delivering advertising space to advertisers, and in providing advertising revenue to website publishers.

What kind of choice do we really have?

They did - fortunately - design Chrome so it doesn't prevent you from changing the search engine of your preference.  That's unlike Microsoft which prevented you from removing Internet Explorer from Windows and kept insisting you use I.E. as the search engine.

I'm using a Chromebook and while Google does make it easy to use Google services via the Chromebook, it's easy enough to use other services.  And, I just changed the search engine setting in Chrome on my Chromebook to use Duck Duck Go.

So... if Google is being as monopolizing as the EU claims, they aren't as bad as Microsoft was back in the day. 
The charge focuses on accusations that the company diverts traffic from its rivals to favor its own products and services, particularly websites for shopping.
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+David Herron I respectfully disagree. Google's dominance is because they are good. If we are to look at questionable practices, how about Skype install/update "automatically" changing your home page to MSN and search to bing unless you uncheck boxes, or Yahoo setting itself up as the default search engine without any prompts or confirmation when installing Java updates for instance. Or Opera setting itself as default browser without any confirmation?

I dislike it when the EU attacks a company because its good, but ignore the smaller, less capable companies that do employ questionable practices. 
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David Herron

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I tried upgrading the SSD of my Acer C720, and it went wrong.  It's such a simple process, I don't understand what coulda gone wrong.  So I'll just describe the steps ...

First - I ordered the very same MyDigitalSSD device as shown on the AndroidCentral upgrade instructions.  (M.2 SATA 6G SSD; MDM242-SC2-128)

Next - make the recovery media.  Visiting chrome://imageburner doesn't work, apparently because this newfangled material design stuff means we have to use the Recovery application instead.  I installed that app, rebooted, and it recognized the SD Card I had in the slot.  It wrote recovery stuff on that card.

Next - Opening the device up is easy peasy as is removing the old SSD.

Next - the new SSD won't fit.  I study carefully and see that the size of each tab looks like it needs to be installed upside-down from the picture on AndroidCentral.  That is, the side tabs on these cards have one slightly wider than the other.  If I orient the new SSD with the label facing up, the narrow tab is on the wrong side.  If I turn it upside down (the label facing downward) then the short tab is on the same side as the original SSD's short tab.  It's easy to insert the SSD this way, whereas it's very difficult if the SSD is oriented the way shown in the AndroidCentral article.

Next - With the SSD oriented as shown in the AndroidCentral article, and the SSD shoved into the slot as well as I could, the computer doesn't turn on.  With the SSD upside down, it turns on.

Next - With it upside down, and the computer turned on, I can get into the recovery mode.  But a message is printed that something has gone wrong, there's a spinny thing next to the message, and it says to read the recovery instructions on  I let it sit this way for a loooooooong time and it apparently didn't do anything.

I gave up at that point and have reinstalled the original SSD.  That was its own adventure, but I the system is back as it had been.
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A fire outside Greely CO, triggered by a lightning strike at a fracking wastewater injection site -- business as usual or something to be alarmed over?
Late last week a “wastewater injection well” blew up after water storage tanks were struck by lightning.  The site is operated by NGL Water Solutions near the Greely-Weld County Airport outside Greely Colorado, and has storage tanks to hold fracking wastewater that’s to be injected underground.  While these are tanks full… Continue reading
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Bryan Seely campaigned against Google Maps loopholes last year by making fake listings for the FBI & The Secret Service. He's back again warning against them with his latest demonstration.
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Remote access malware either already has or will soon turn up in local cops' kits.
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Share price more than doubles in early trading.
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There are many falsehoods being pushed on us with the purpose of making us afraid, and therefore vulnerable to being controllable by people with political agenda's.

In this case -- there's no "Sharia Law Invasion" of the US going on.  What we should actually be afraid of is the fundamentalist Christians who want to set up Christian Theocracy .. but that's a different matter.  However, the NRA and others is pushing this idea of Sharia Law already active in the U.S.    But it's a crock.

The "proof" offered is - areas with many "Muslim" signs in the shops, etc, and the cops supposedly thinking they can't go into those areas.

For DECADES we've had areas in every major city where the shops would focus on a specific cultural group, and the shop signs would be in some other language.  ChinaTown or JapanTown ... right?  In San Jose we have an area where the Vietnamese and Mexican culture is so strong that the majority of the shops cater to those communities.  In my neighborhood we have several Halal shops within walking distance, and many women wearing full robes ... and you know what, it's just shops and people wearing different clothes.

It's not a big deal - and Labne is a great substitute for sour cream.
"I have seen it with my own eyes, witnessed it in the backseat of a car and it is for real. No-go zones exist in the United States," the speaker told the NRA audience.
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