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+Hans De Goede finally got root-less Xorg working with systemd-logind. Now we have weston and Xorg using systemd-logind optionally for unprivileged device-access.

And the best thing about this is: I didn't write a single line of code! He just picked the idea up and hacked on Xorg (and to be honest, I would have been screwed trying to read Xorg-core code..).

If you're at FOSDEM or devconf, you should really check out his talk about this! ([1], [2])

[PATCH 0/3] linux: Allow console switching to work without root rights. Hans de Goede hdegoede at Thu Jan 16 02:24:48 PST 2014. Previous message: Compilation of xserver broken ( git 2d2d49dab); Next message: [PATCH 1/3] linux: xf86OpenConsole remove root-rights check for keeptty ...
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+Hans De Goede regarding your second 'problem': it would be cool to simply drop the Xorg log files and rather log to (in increasing order of preference) stdout, syslog or the journal...
Xorg log in the journal would make my life soooo much easier for my embedded systems!
+1 for dropping the separate logging and using system facilities for that instead.

I wonder if this is also a legacy of being written in an era where such standard facilities simply did not exist in reliable form on most / all target platforms?
I am going to try this, this is huge for devops.
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