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This is a very nice tool. Makes plain text files a little less ugly in a web browser, but also provides bookmarks, notes and understands the structuring of the chapters.

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Thanks to +Daniel Stone, +Kristian Høgsberg, +Emmanuele Bassi, and some more (who all mentioned this topic recently) I looked into the Meson Build System.

I'll just say that: It works. Nicely. It is worth a look to anyone still stuck with autotools.

Either you'll be amazed and end up using it, or you will at least learn something about the Ninja Build System and remember how to deal with `` files when you see them. Win win, right?

router: a node that forwards IP packets not explicitly addressed to itself.
host: any node that is not a router.

"A router might want to send Router Advertisements without advertising itself [...]. For instance, a router might advertise prefixes [...] while not wishing to forward packets."

"A host MUST NOT send Router Advertisement messages at any time."

Thanks you, rfc4861, for this... clear definition.
I miss hacking on DRM.

assert(NULL + argc - 1 == NULL);
assert((char *)NULL + argc - 1 == NULL);

(assume 'argc' to be 1)

Both GCC and LLVM compile this without complaints. The GCC binary runs fine, the LLVM one fails on the second assertion.

I presume this is because the C standard defines arithmetic on NULL pointers to be undefined behavior... Great!


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"Telling a programmer there's already a library to do X is like telling a songwriter there's already a song about love."

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The election process for the X.Org Board of Directors 2016 is open!

On this year's round, you will be asked to elect the next directors which will serve you for the next 4 years. You will also be asked your opinion about moving under the SPI umbrella!

As +Keith Packard put it, your vote is really important! Not voting is sort of equivalent to saying no to the merge, as we need 2/3 of the members to say yes before we can do anything.

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"Every step of the way is misery to get the code merged, and I would give up a lot to never work on the Linux kernel again." -- Eric Anholt (open-source RaspberryPi DRM driver)

Again an again, established open-source developers struggle with LKML. I seriously wonder whether we lost our privilege to criticize vendors that refuse to deal with upstream?

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Stop coding, close your editor, and get ready for some history knowledge. Regardless your attitude towards systemd, it's a very pleasant conversation between Tim and Lennart with lots of background information of modern desktop linux. Sadly, German only.

(..and while you're at it, continue browsing on, definitely worth your time!)
I had the pleasure to participate in one episode of the CRE Podcast (German). Enjoy.

Another day, another rant on LKML, and again lots of non-kernel-developers defending 'rough style'. sigh, but if you dig deep enough into the comment-sections, you can still find some common sense in there:

"Try reacting this way in the other fields than coding. When you don't like the food or beer in the restaurant, tell them it's sh*t and utter cr*p. Then reason that you didn't insult the people and they just don't get the difference. Do this to your friends when they make mistakes. Surely, you're ranting about the mistakes not about the people. Then enjoy the companion of those who got the difference." +Lubomir Rintel
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