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David Helfinstine
Now with even more technology!
Now with even more technology!

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I noticed on one of the betas that suddenly my dock goes back to the "home" position when any app is entered and doesn't stay where it was. I don't see anyone else mentioning this, and it used to only behave like this when you pressed home.

Also, my note 4 has the ability to do "ok google" all the time, but I notice that occasionally it seems to pop-under. It sounds like it's working, but nothing appears. I've tried both settings in "look and feel" but don't seem to notice. Usually have to reboot. Thanks! 

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Ylvis - The Fox (Music Video) - In case you have been under a rock for a while. My new favorite song! #ifttt  

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It is incredibly boring to sit at a tire store when another customer decides the tv is too loud and turns the volume off without asking others. Thanks. #ifttt

Amazing series finale of #BreakingBad . Sad to see the show end, but can't wait to watch it again. #ifttt  

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Sounds like the copy machine at work. Minus the food. #ifttt  
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