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I really hope this comes to my neighborhood!
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We're so excited to bring Google Fiber to Austin in 2014. Share this graphic and let your friends and family know you that you'll be one of the first to sign up for Fiber.

You can sign up for updates about Fiber in Austin here: 

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At our Saturday family picnic, the dog chased a deer and we saw a huge centipede.

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I too thought it was an elaborate hoax for the first minute or so I knew about it.  A meteor burned up in the atmosphere above central Russa a few hours ago.  Play the videos where the people recording them experience the shockwave.  The big asteroid that is going to swing by Earth hasn't even gotten here yet (around 1:30 this afternoon central time), so this wasn't that.  Crazy coincidence.
BREAKING: HUGE meteor over Russia

A tremendous meteor burned up over Russia around 09:30 local time. It was as bright as the Sun and the sonic boom shattered windows. There are reports of injuries from shattered glass, and preliminary reports (unconfirmed) of pieces hitting the ground. Here's what I have so far:

Note: This is almost certainly unrelated to #2012DA14 . I explain in the post.


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This deer ran out in front of my car when I was leaving for my lunch break today. As captured by my dashboard camera.

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The #VenusTransit is underway right now.  Last time until 105.5 years from now (Dec 2117).  You have until sunset to see it using proper eye protection.  Also see a live video feed over the internet at

Wat do, plussers?
My built-in google plus app uses too much data. I just got a new ICS (ice cream sandwich) android 4.0 phone, a Samsung Galaxy Nexus, which tells me which apps use how much data from my mobile plan. I barely use gplus and have automatic uploads turned off, and I was on Wi-Fi most of the time, yet it still used 100mb of mobile data in 4 days. Entirely background usage. What if I were to be switched to a limited data plan? That would not be so good.

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The Google Streetview car caught me driving to work in my Chevy Volt on Mar 28 2011 at 3:46pm. I finally find it on Google Maps almost a year later.

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Daughter posts rant about her parents on her Facebook wall, dad finds it, posts a response of himself shooting her laptop as punishment. Maybe overboard but his response has certainly gotten much attention.
Some Call It Fine Parenting, I Call It Terrible
What is most likely an unpopular opinion ahead

Long story short, this gun totin' guy finds a post from his daughter on her Facebook. Like many teenagers, she's rather disillusioned and unhappy with her current living conditions. Chores, work, having to get a job, wanting things but not having the money, her mean parents, etc. A lot of us have been there. This guy probably was unhappy with his parents at some point (though he pulls the usual, 'Why, back in my day, I worked, walked uphill both ways, etc.' nonsense). The post on her Facebook was private, and set so that only her friends would see it. Her father, upgrading her computer for her, saw the post on Facebook.

So many people think this guy displays excellent parenting skills, so I'm assuming he pulled her away from her computer to talk to her about work ethics, tell her how easy she has life and give her a talk about showing respect and being thankful for what she's got, right? Nope! He makes this rant of a video, reading her private post for everyone to hear, then puts it up on YouTube (obviously in public). Oh, and lest I forget, he takes her laptop and shoots it repeatedly. Fantastic.

What bothers me is how this guy feels justified in taking a private post written by a teenager (an angsty teenager? Well I never), makes a video about it and posts it publicly, then has the gall to post the video on his daughter's wall. The blatant overreaction and use of a gun aside (hooray for stereotypes, it fits your whole getup there, pard'ner), how is this okay? It wasn't as though she was putting it out for the world to see. She made it private. It's much like writing in a diary or talking about it with your friends so that only they can hear. Apparently this poor guy got his feelings hurt so bad he couldn't talk to his own daughter, but had to be a tough guy on the internet and rant about his kid. Oh, and since she's grounded, she probably won't ever see the video.

This isn't to say that sometimes, yeah, kids are disrespectful. Sometimes they don't have a clue what they have and take everything for granted, and sometimes they say things out of frustration. But that's life. It happens to the best of us. But whatever she said and did (her actual post is read by the father) in private does not justify this kind of response. This guy needs to stop being so butthurt and try sorting things out with his daughter, not looking for cool points on the internet. Whatever good points he has are completely invalidated by the way he takes his fight online. You're setting a shining example of the respect and decency you claim to want, Mr. Tommy Jordan.

I know most people are saying that this is parenting done right, but I find it abhorrent. There are so, so many better ways to accomplish what he's trying to, and this is isn't one of them.

Quick edit: Some have said that it's possible that it could all be a fake, something done to create a sensation, there's a lack of context, etc. It's true that no one knows if this is real or not, but regardless, I'm rather put off to see so many people supporting this as though it were. Real or fake, this is not okay.

Rant over. Discuss!
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