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Technologist, Analysis, Strategy
Technologist, Analysis, Strategy

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Enjoying our time at the beach.

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Avoiding Information Overload
In this age of BIG
DATA and information overload, exactly how much information can we absorb.   When we communicate with our
customers/clients, what is the right amount of information to provide?   The answer to these questions will always
depend on: commun...

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Preparation Separation
There is a football
player, Russell Wilson ( @DangeRussWilson ) that has a saying that goes: The separation is in the preparation We are used to
catchy phrases used by sports teams to rev up their energy, etc.   However, Wilson walks the walk. Other quotes ...

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Balancing Transparency
There is a gentle
balance between total transparency and 'black box mentality". TRANSPARENCY - where everything you know is
known to the customer.   This is
sometimes called a "data dump".   By being transparent with our customers, we enable trust, foster c...

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Six Strategies for Effective Leadership
I was listening to a
podcast from Pete Carroll (football coach), and his words caught my attention.   Instead of the usual lingo (blitz, 2 deep
zone, etc), he spoke at a higher level.   He
made a profound statement: Know who you are I said ok, but I

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Journey - Taking a step
Every journey starts
with a first step. That frightening and
anxiety-ridden first step.  Why do we
pause…. Are we scared Are we prudent Are we frozen? I learned that the
first thing to do is to reduce the directions to take with the first step.  Should I go...

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Lean Healthcare - A recent voyage
Healthcare is going
through a transformation.   Obamacare is
one of the changes.   Other healthcare
organizations are promoting the notion of "lean healthcare".   See the following website to get the basics:(

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Empowered vs. Entitled vs. Embittered
Which are you?   Your daily actions end up stating where you
stand in this continuum more than what you say.   Some quick
definitions (Free Online Dictionary): Empowered - To equip or supply with an ability;
To enable Entitled - To furnish with a right or c...

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Just the Facts?
Have you ever had a customer/client get mad at you when you told them facts - all you said was: - "The software won't solve 'x feature need'". - "The process your are using is flawed." - "If you don't have upper management buy-in, the success of the change ...

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Thinking - Critical or Creative
Critical thinking has many definitions, mostly applied to the field of education.  Critical thinking, as defined to the business world is best defined as: "the process of actively and skillfully conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, synthesizing, and evalua...
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