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David H. Paul
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Creator of The Tools of Letting Go: A Mastermind Course in Becoming More
Prosperity Coach, Customer Service Specialist, Thought Leader and Dad
  • Preferred Credit
    Customer Service Specialist, 2012 - present
  • Prosperity Coach and Though Leader
    Neo Training Network and Unity Spiritual Central of Central MN, 2009 - present
    Creator of The Tools of Letting Go: A Mastermind Course in Becoming More
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St. Cloud, MN USA
Paynesville, MN USA
David H. Paul, The Follow Your Bliss Guy @

I'm David H. Paul, the Follow Your Bliss Guy, Driver, Vice Present, Board Chair @ National Seizure Disorders Foundation:

NSDF Bridges the Gap between Diagnosis and Cure by helping people with seizures and their caregivers to Be More than a Diagnosis.

My major contributions to NSDF are the NSDF website design and maintenance and Tools of Letting Go Mastermind Course. Come request a chair in a mastermind today. It will help you be, do and have much more of what you want in life, and less of what you don't want.

To Your Peace and Prosperity,
David H. Paul
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Proud Dad of 4 great kids: Rachel, MiLee, Crist and Cati
  • St. Cloud State University
  • Capella University
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A graduate of the Pennsylvania State University (M.Ed.), Edinboro University of Pennsylvania (B.A.), and the Art Institute of York-PA (B.S.)

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NSDF Empowerment University Open House

At NSDF, we believe there is no higher calling than to Empower 65 Million people worldwide to Be More than their Epilepsy/Seizure Disorder.

This is exactly why I do what I do.
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Meribeth Tokarczyk's services have helped me in so many ways, but the most significant benefit of spiritual energy healing is that is opens you up and helps you become more aware of your presence as a powerful creator.
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Flat out, the best Pizza in central Minnesota.
Food: ExcellentDecor: ExcellentService: Excellent
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