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David Gurteen talks about the Gurteen Knowledge Cafe and Conversational Leadership  at the Middle East Leadership Communications conference in Abu Dhabi.
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Cisco Future Forum Sept 2013
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The August issue of the Gurteen Knowledge Letter is now rolling out to members
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Storytelling: Patterns

""A conversation is a set of complex responsive processes out of which unfolds patterns bridging the gap between mindfulness and effective convivial action."
-- +John Kellden 

+ConversationLab  Conversation Tea House Sequence:
Ecosystem, Social Attractor, Utterance, Space of Unfoldable Meaning, Utterance, Interval, Intentional Listening to Meaningfulness of Space Unfolding, Tea and Biscuits

Art of Conversation
"The definition of conversation (that is, the most simple description of the most simple conversation) might be the following: when two people speak together, they speak not together, but each in turn: one says something, then stops, the other something else (or the same thing), then stops. The coherent discourse they carry on is composed of sequences that are interrupted when the conversation moves from partner to partner, even if adjustments are made so that they correspond to one another. The fact that speech needs to pass from one interlocutor to another in order to be confirmed, contradicted, or developed shows the necessity of interval. The power of speaking interrupts itself, and this interruption plays a role that appears to be minor—precisely the role of a subordinated alteration. This role, nonetheless, is so enigmatic that it can be interpreted as bearing the very enigma of language: pause between sentences, pause from one interlocutor to another, and pause of attention, the hearing that doubles the force of locution."
-- Maurice Blanchot

Storytelling Patterns
7. Come up with your ending before you figure out your middle. Seriously. Endings are hard, get yours working up front.

One Gazillion Patterns
Since there's a gazillion possible patterns, it is often helpful to boil them down into three essential buckets:

Effective: Review
Connective: Story
Novelty: Task

Task, the third and last of the categories, is often missed and misrepresented, what with all the emphasis on routine tasks, the static top three rules for how to achieve fame, fortune and instant happiness. Tasks are never routine. Herakleitos.

Since Tasks are misunderstood, a lot of this misunderstanding is carried over to the Review department as well.

Once we have the wrong Reviews and Assessments firmly in place, this will almost guarantee we'll not get the Story straight.

Design = Gather x Intend x Build
#bookasecosystem   #bookasplatform   #socialpresence  

Turning Conversations into Story
Image: 11C, 11 Conversations to Thrive in a Social Era
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Fascinating conversation about the difference between a debate and a fight started by +Sakari Maaranen; after +Grizwald Grim contrasted it with another kind of communication that is more cooperative I've thrown in a 2x2 matrix (as part of my #green_chart  series) to round up the discussion.. but that was only the beginning of a true dialogue. It's hard work to get to the upper right quadrant of the matrix. As Sakari pointed out, it requires much more balanced and mature thinking and communication skills to be able to comprehend where others are coming from and compare all their different views with one's own on mostly equal grounds. It requires a certain level of wisdom.. That's the nature of the Deep Stuff category on +John Kellden's Conversation community! 

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The May issue of the Gurteen Knowledge Letter is now available


1. Introduction to the May 2013 Knowledge Letter
2. There's kids in here who don't learn like that, they need to learn face-to-face.
3. Knowledge Cafe Masterclass Update
4. Maybe the real value of a good talk is not in the learning at all
5. What is a MOOC? It's a Massive Open Online Course.
6. Resilient Knowledge Management Practice Course
7. We are betrayed by what we laugh at
8. Why size matters: groups, dialog and high quality participation
9. Upcoming Events
10. Gurteen Knowledge Tweets: May 2013
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John Gottman: How to Build Trust
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