Just came back from watching +Marvel's The Avengers at the movie theater. It was fantastic. I don't see how anyone could criticize it, though, because I didn't find a single thing wrong with it—that is, outside of Thor not wearing a helmet like he originally did.
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Out of all the comic book adaptations (marvel-related) I still think the original iron man was the best one, though. Avengers a close second.
Oh! And Nick Fury was African. The original Fury was a Caucasian man and although I personally don't care, the movie didn't follow that part of the comics, probably due to racist allegations or something. Fury looks too much like Blade now, though.
In the more recent comics fury is African-american so they must have based his character from those
In the "Ultimate" line of marvel books Nick Fury was modeled after Samuel L. Jackson.
I love 'Real Steel' more. And 'Flipped'? It's a great film.
I hope Vision is in the next Avengers film. He was always my favourite Avenger.
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